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    Green belt test tonight

    good luck. Hope you do well.
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    You can't learn martial arts from books

    I agree that if an advanced student has the foundation in their own art then a book could help them. But this is not a replacement for learning one on one with a qualified instructor. Books can only show so much. If you have a good foundation in the arts then you use it to supplement your...
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    How useful are the teaching methods of some arts???

    Different teachers teach different ways. Some with hold information because they wait for the student to reach a certain maturity level. Others wait to see the character of a student. Then still others may never have been taught these techniques and therefore can't pass them on. I personally...
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    Okinawan Karate

    Thanks for your reply. This is the kind of evaluation I was looking for.
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    Okinawan Karate

    I agree with your assessment. It doesn't matter which art you study they all have valid techniques that work for self defense. I appreciate that you did not go to the "I study blank and it is better because". I asked this based on the posts asking which art is good for self defense and thought...
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    Ever been knocked out?

    I have been knocked out once and it wasn't during a fight. I actually did it to myself. I was building my deck and wasn't watching where I was going and smacked into a cross beam. It hit me right in the temple and I just remember feeling it, then nothing, then my buddy shaking me, then a...
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    three sectional staff

    don't try this with out proper instruction. I did the same thing. I thought they were neat and since we did not use this weapon I thought because I knew the nunchaku I could use this. I was horribly wrong and was to dense to know when to quit. After a run to the ER for a huge gash in the back of...
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    Rope arts/Hojojustsu?

    Wow Mr. E you are being pretty harsh. In your way of thinking why take up any traditional weapon. It's not like any of us are going to be walking around with a pair of kama's, Tuifa, Sai's or a Rokushaku Bo or Nunchacku. Or how about a chinese Dao or rope dart or better yet a naginata(that would...
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    Okinawan Karate

    In your opinion which of the okinawan arts is better for self defense and why. Now I am not asking this to get a war started between the different styles I just thought it would be interesting to hear different points of view because I have seen a lot of posts stating that "I am new to the MA's...
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    help get karate into the olympics!!

    No he isn't teaching in Loveland anymore. When I got out of the Corps I went back to see if he was still there and the dojo was closed down and didn't have his number any more. I was hoping since you said you knew him you might have a way to get intouch with him. There was one other Matsubayashi...
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    Weapon Of Choice

    It would help to know what you are studying. JMA, CMA, OMA, FMA. Honestly I like leaning and using them all but if I have to chose one from Kobudo it would be a toss up between Kama and Timbei/ Rochin. I like weapons that you can use for defense and offense, and if necessary have the ability...
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    Karate Kata's

    Forgot Passai
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    How much did our sensei's really know?

    I agree with your statement but I think it depends to what extent. If the original Kata was handed down with the bunkai then by changing it you essentially loose the original intent and turn it into something little more than a dance. With each teachers personal interpretation or their personal...
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    help get karate into the olympics!!

    I lost touch with Terry when I joined the Marines. Do you still keep in touch with him? I would love to see him again. I know Hanshi Grant but that was years ago when I met him. I think 1982 but he wasn't a hanshi back then. My father trained directly under Katsuya Miyahira Sensei while in the...
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    help get karate into the olympics!!

    Kobayashi Ryu. I also trained in Matsubayashi ryu for years in Loveland Ohio with Terry Peters Sensei until I left for the Marine Corps. I presently teach out of my house in Milford Ohio. Rent got out of control and my basement is only about 50 sq.ft. smaller than the place I was renting and it...