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    Is everyone ok after the earthquake?

    Any word from Soke and the rest of the Japan Bujinkan members after the earthquake that just hit Japan? Hoping everyone is alive and unharmed.
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    About Shihan Jeff Prather

    In all my dealings with him, I've always found Jeff Prather to be a decent, honorable person. So I'm really rather skeptical about this whole thing. It seems as if someone out there has an agenda against him or something. Soke always says that undesirable people will be drawn away from the...
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    Best Ninjutsu Book?

    On James Morganelli's blog site, he mentions a "purple book" that's considered Soke's "Bujinkan Bible". Which one is that? I can't think of the title.
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    Where were the old schools located?

    Hi Tony, and thanks! Yes, I remember the Hills and Dales shopping center now! I found an archived satellite shot of it from the 70's or so. Last time I was in Dayton it did look like all newer construction there. I remember being at Steve's other dojo in Germantown, the one that was like a huge...
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    Bujinkan Bashing

    I watched the video. Well, chalk up 4 minutes of my life flushed down the toilet. :rolleyes: All I have to say is, what sort of mental or emotional illness drives a person to produce a 4 minute video designed to denigrate an art they clearly have no experience with? That's clearly not a sign of...
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    Where were the old schools located?

    There's a chance I may end up passing through Dayton later this week, and I was wondering if anyone here remembers the address to the old Dayton Bujinkan Dojo that Steve ran back in the late 70's/early 80's? It was in the basement of a small strip mall/shopping center or something of that sort...
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    Where to get decent shuriken?

    Thanks, Newtothedark! How fast does that first company ship? That's not too bad a price for 9 shuriken shipped. I wonder how long it takes to get to America? Also, it appears they no longer make them, but instead forward me to this site: It says on...
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    Where to get decent shuriken?

    Does anyone know where I can order some decent quality shuriken? I don't want the crappy modern ones that seem to be sold by every martial arts supplier on the internet. I'm looking for some more authentic shuriken, like these...
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    Pics/video of 1980's Ninja Festivals?

    Nightwinder, just got your email, sent a reply. :wink1: LMK if the pic gets through. Tshasdowchaser, thanks for the welcome. :)
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    CAS Hanwei swords question

    I just recently received the CAS Hanwei sword catalog. Looks like they have some really nice swords! Does anyone here have any experience buying from them? I'm definitely looking for input on their various lines. Before I dish out $800, $1,200, or $1,800 for a sword, I definitely want some...
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    Ninjutsu vs BJJ

    Hope you'll all forgive the thread necromancy here. A couple of insights I wanted to share though. First, a lot of emphasis is being placed on BJJ in the ring, as people will say that the BJJ guys beat boxers, karateka, etc. But what would happen if you put a BJJ practitioner in the ring with...
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    Cross training in various Kans?

    All this brings to mind another question. Has Soke ever explained the reason he doesn't want people to cross train? (Not that he has any obligation to do so). Does that apply to all other martial arts, or just Genbukan and Jinenkan? I'd be curious to hear why it's so frowned upon.
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    Training methods for physical fitness

    Lots of walking. And Pilates is fantastic since it builds the core and makes you more graceful. Yoga would be another good choice.
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    Practising on mats...

    Personally I prefer hardwood floors. They're hard, but they have more "flex" than a concrete floor. Back in the 80's in Highland Indiana, we trained on a concrete floor with paper thin carpeting. Though being almost twice the age I was then, I suppose I don't mind training on tatami mats these...
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    Cross training in various Kans?

    Stephen wrote: Cool! I plan on getting in there for the Friday class on the 21st, but I'm not sure I can squeeze that particular day in (prior committments). If not, then for sure on the 28th (the following Friday). I just got a very encouraging email from James Morganelli, so that's great! Doc...