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    Kuntaw and Sikaran Test!

    Those four hour round trips certainly paid off. Congratulations!
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    A civilized way to prevent a fight

    No. It doesn't look like there is enough control of the opponent. His arms are crossed but not locked up. His body is free to move into a better position. Like others have said, get control from the back.
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    Are low stances useless?

    Yes, I've heard most of the Southern kung fu styles practiced on boats at some time or another. We do quite a bit of low stances in the forms and drill work. We utilize the strength it develops in rooting and attacking an opponents stance/legs. That being said, you have to fight on all...
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    Demo Compilation

    I'd like to see more videos here! This is my association's compilation of various Chinese New Year's, banquets, and filming.
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    Double Wrists Control

    I would do two movements as close to simultaneous as possible: 1. Use his leg jam attempt as an opportunity to counter with a knee/leg lock or sweep. 2. Rotate both hands towards my centerline & smack his hands together.
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    Word Association

    Billy - Squier
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    Difference between Hung Gar lineages?

    I've been with Yee's Hung-Ga for awhile. Of course there is a little bias but the differences between us is marginal. I would place more importance on your impression of the instructor(s) than lineage line.
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    I tested for Red Belt this past Thursday...and.....

    Way to go! Congrats
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    Back on the mat! :D

    Way to go! You'll be back in pre-foot surgery shape in no time.
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    Seminars--Best/worst experiences

    The best seminars are the ones given by my SiGung Frank Yee (Yee Chi Wai). He has amazing martial skill and truly cares that you 'get' what he is teaching. The worst was a BaGua seminar I attended with a strained knee - it was torturous.
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    Elle... chooses the top 12 Female Guitarists

    Here's some smokin' guitar work by Orianthi.
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    Hand conditioning and toughening & MA

    Why not shoot a message to Dale Dugas. He's a super nice guy & an excellent source of hand conditioning information.
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    Chinese martial arts concepts

    From my experience, most CMA's would disagree with this claim. 1- My 'insert style' is better than yours. 2- Same universal strategery found in all martial arts. ;-) 3- Move from dan tien & keep body alignment. 4- Each style has different footwork principles. For example, Tai Chi does not...
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    Scary Movies

    Add Paranormal Activity to the list. Go see before someone spoils it.