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    Wing Chun in decline: My quest for the historical model of Wing Chun

    Are the "traditional martial arts in decline" or is it possible the TMA were never as effective as we were all led to believe. All of us were told stories of the good old days when Master So and So took on all comers, ... We assume that, because a guy with one year of boxing or MMA training...
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    Trouble with my WC school

    To the OP. Regarding providing tips to classmates. Yeah, stop that. If you're in a school where folks are interested in other approaches, and you've been there a while, that's fine. But nobody anywhere wants to hear the new guy saying, "well, in my old school, we did this..." Second, why...
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    Pan Nam Wing Chun in North Texas?

    Eric_H - thanks. Geezer - actually, I would prefer not to name the sifu I trained with on the forum. I'm no longer working out at that school, and I don't want to get a whole thread started on here about him or his teachers. If that's exploiting the anonymity of the forum, I apologize. Thanks.
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    Pan Nam Wing Chun in North Texas?

    Just curious. My exposure to WC was in the LT lineage, and I'd like to experience some other styles.
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    Pan Nam Wing Chun in North Texas?

    Anyone know of any Pan Nam Wing Chun in North Texas? DFW, Denton areas? Anywhere in Texas? Thanks.
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    Wing Chun and sparring - staying true to techniques

    Juany118 - re: very school dependent. Understood. I could have worded my comment better.
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    Wing Chun and sparring - staying true to techniques

    What I found lacking in Wing Chun was what I refer to as "alive" training. Not necessarily sparring, but it could include sparring. Alive training can be totally unstructured - glove up and go at it. Or semi-structured - OK, you've learned tan, pak, and bong, so I'm going to attack you with...
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    Internal Power 2

    I keep coming back to these internal power threads, hoping for some clarification. And, ..., here we are. I guess I'm just a poor mortal, condemned to blindness because I can't go experience, first hand, whatever this wonderful teacher is doing.
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    Are you really interested in exchanging ideas?

    I came here to learn more about Wing Chun. In my brief time practicing WC, there were many principles that fit in well with my other training (connecting, adduction) and some that did not mesh at all (100% weight on rear foot.) I left that school; not because of those differences, of course...
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    Lineage differences

    My limited time training in Wing Chun was in the Leung Ting lineage. The forward stance was 100% weight on the rear foot. Pivoting was done on the part of the foot just behind the ball of the foot. I'm interested to hear what weight distribution other lineages use, where you pivot, and why...
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    Rooting and Bad Weight Distribution

    Thanks, guys. Take home lesson for me, being a newbie to this forum: no need to go past about page 2 on any given thread. Y'all have fun. Remember to get up and walk around at least once per hour, to keep your circulation going. And make sure your monitor is at the right height so you don't...
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    Your Method Of Pivoting & Structure Of Your Bong Sau?

    I'll second that opinion. I tried really hard to empty my cup, and keep my WC separate from my previous training. Couldn't do it. In my experience, you can't do a little WC. All in, or don't do it. In my sifu's school, you weren't going to advance until your structure and movements fit in...
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    When do you start sparring?

    Thanks for the responses and the discussion. To Wingchun100, my former sifu's approach was similar to what you stated: he wanted their sparring to look like Wing Chun, so lots of reps and training before sparring. That's why I posted the question, to see if that's a WC thing, or just his...
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    When do you start sparring?

    I spent about 3 years doing Wing Chun. I enjoyed it, and learned quite a bit. One thing I always looked forward to, but never got to do, was sparring. My sifu talked about the importance of sparring, but said it was only done at higher ranks. At the time I left the school, his most senior...