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    Because of the discourses we have had and the common understanding we have reached, I am interested in hearing what he has to say as a barometer of what is, in America, termed the Christian Right and he often searches out my opinions for what might be called the Rational Atheist Liberal/Left because he trusts that I will have put some thought into all sides of an issue.

    It is in that fashion that a forum site like MT serves a purpose - otherwise it's just people shouting at each other and not listening.
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    The Web is never going to be a place where people, as individual posters, can change minds.

    We can do one of two things with the medium. We can discuss things with people for the sheer interest of conversation and agee to leave our differences aside. Or we can incite a flame war.

    At most websites the latter will roll on and on. At MT it is quenched before it has chance to go too far. The former, on the other hand, is very much encouraged.

    The example I use for that from my own experience is drawn my own interactions with another user here at MT. He and I are about as far apart as it is possible to get in terms of our political views and how it is moral for a society to be structured.
    Mornig Heisaa. Glad I could help.

    If I might be so bold as to make a suggestion, it'd help make your posts easier to read if you could paragraph them. Most people will just move on when faced with a solid block of text as it is dificult to read.
    Hi Heisaa.

    At the head of the 'directory' of each forum there is a "New Thread" button. It's in the same place as the "Add Reply" button that you see when you're in a thread.

    If you're navigating via the "New Posts" feature then you're entering the forum at 'post' level.

    Try using the Forum Jump pick list at the bottom of the thread or clicking on the forum name at the top of the thread e.g. if you're in a thread in the "Beginners Corner" forum, the line of 'links' at the top will read "MartialTalk.com > Arts > Beginners Corner" and clicking on the Beginners Corner link will take you the directory of threads in that forum.
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