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    26 Moments After hat happen to today I wanted to post something positive. I got this link from Suzanne Luna.
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    Rory Miller Conflict Communication Seminar

    I had a chance to meet Rory and spend a few days with him. Meditations On Violence Facing Violence He is definitely on my reading list. I highly recommend his seminars. He gives a twist to information you probably already know. He will make you think in a different way. He will fill in some...
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    Hello~ from LA

    Welcome to Martial Talk.
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    Hi there.

    Hope you find this forum to be friendly and informational.
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    Wally Jay

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    Bruce Lee JKD Collection

    Got the link from Ron Balicki (oops, not JKD but Bruce Lee's personal library) iFWeLM5h7Dg
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    Sword & Shadows

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    Man shuns body scan, prompting flap with TSA and celebrity status on Web

    Source:,0,4150606.story More info can be found on Johnny's Blog:
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    'Happy Days' dad Tom Bosley dies at 83

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    A Whale Of A Good Deed

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    Knife Attack (graphic)

    BEjKU0p9JZw If this happened in your neighborhood what would you do as a bystander? I would get out and find a safe place to call the cops. Another reason why we need to know where all the exits are located.
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    Knife Attack (graphic)

    Can a moderator preview this for acceptable content? Knife Attack f3b_1286227189 The guy with his back to the doorway gets cut. The clerk has a gun nearby. Assuming everything is in real time this act of violence happens in seconds. Are you a good witness? Can you describe the...
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    Bruce Lee by Dan Inosanto (video clip)

    Bruce Lee by Dan Inosanto PpFSwQztptQ
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    Hey Carol, I'm finally taking guitar lessons. woo hoo! Hope all is well with you.

    Hey Carol, I'm finally taking guitar lessons. woo hoo! Hope all is well with you.
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    Ben T. Largusa [1926 - 2010]