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    Glock 43: single stack 9mm

    Glock has a model in the .357 SIG, which allegedly duplicates the ballistics of a .357 magnum. The .357 magnum, however, is basically a rimmed revolver round. It's unlikely Glock will bother with it.
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    Marine And Wife Attacked At Movie

    Often in instances like these the parents are as bad as the kids themselves...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Regards, Steve
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    Presas Arnis

    Dan, Correct. You'll recall Tim talked to you about this in March. Regards, Steve
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    Presas Arnis

    Dan, I don't know, not being a Kenpo practitioner. Regards, Steve
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    Presas Arnis

    Dan, Presas Arnis is a synthesis of Modern Arnis, Kombatan, Balintawak, and (to a much lesser extent), Bando and other arts that influenced the WMAA curriculum. Regards, Steve
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    Creationism and Evolution

    Creationism is a purely Judeo-Christian take on the creation of the universe. It isn't science. It isn't just bad science, it isn't science at all. Should it be taught in public schools? Not in science class, certainly. The problem with creationism is that it doesn't merely dispute...
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    Beyond belief?? If only!

    This isn't surprising, really. Silly, but not surprising. For how many centuries have we seen Christian on Christian violence? When Peter the Hermit's crusading army entered the city of Semlin (modern day Zemun, in Serbia) in 1096, they killed 4,000 Christians. Then there's the...
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    Letter to a Red-Stater.

    Letter to a Red-Stater. What follows is a letter I wrote to my niece's husband, Jack, who lives in Georgia. He'd accused Obama of socialism (as have some here), and I attempted to refute this at length. Steve Scott Punahou, '75 Indiana University, '79. --------------- Jack, Let's look at...
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    Obama: Socialist or not?

    The socialism charge is ridiculous. Anyone with half a mind to believe that charge is operating with exactly the right equipment. Google the transcripts of the speeches that McCain and Palin made at the Republican National Convention. Now cut and paste said speeches to any word processing...
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    Acorn and The Obamasiah

    Conservatives often blame "the liberal media" for their failures. It's easy. Blame the press. It makes one wonder how in this recent election Obama has had 24 newspapers...all supporters of Bush in 2004...endorse him over McCain. Whatever happened to respecting the office, if not...
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    Reasons to "Just Say No To Obama"

    Not necessarily. He may have just fumbled them. Note further that he (and all the legislators) register their mistake as it happens. It could well be a fumble. Six out of four thousand is a pretty small percentage. 15% is a pretty teensy percentage. Regards, Steve
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    Louis Farrakhan Declares Obama the Messiah.

    So, nothing, Elder. You claimed she was of majority. I showed she wasn't. She was a teenager living at home, and not the eighteen year old you suggested she was. You didn't do your homework, and now can't 'fess up to it? The reason I brought up the issue of Levi not wanting the kid is...
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    Reasons to "Just Say No To Obama"

    Here is the original L.A. Times article that reported the issue of Obama pressing the wrong button:,1,7079399.story?ctrack=1&cset=true So on six occasions he either actually hit the wrong button in error, or was looking...
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    Louis Farrakhan Declares Obama the Messiah.

    That was freakin' awesome. I love variations on that one.... "Teach a man to build a fire, and he's warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life." Regards, Steve
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    Louis Farrakhan Declares Obama the Messiah.

    She was seventeen at the time of the announcement September 1, and five months pregnant. The New York Daily News (reference below) reports that the father, Levi Johnston, didn't want children. Regards, Steve...