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    Sharing my son's experience catching a bad guy.

    Hi guys! I have been out for a few months but here again to say hi and to share my son's experience last January 11, 2014. I just copied and pasted this from my Facebook and here it goes... I didn't post the whole story on FB but the story went like this... My son and his classmate saw a guy...
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    Hello Brothers and sisters!

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    Shaolin Monk harnesses Qi to drill his head?

    The power of Qi... Watching this made me felt like a total newbie!
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    Hi! Welcome :)
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    The Title of Martial Arts Master

    You nailed it! Yes I think that my role is in coaching because that is basically what I have been doing. Instructors never asked me to teach from scratch and I often get the task of handling their most advance students and instructors. Not that I'm better or skilled than they are but I guess...
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    The Title of Martial Arts Master

    We had a visitor from abroad who handed out his calling card and before his name was his title (master, shihan, sensei,etc...). He noticed that the kids were giggling upon seeing his title "master" and asked the kids why they are giggling. The kids answered "sugoi" (wonderful, superb, wow!)...
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    Is FMA the only viable stick art??

    Maybe someday when I get drunk, lol! ------------------------------------ This may be out of topic but for those who might be interested with Tribal MA and would like to get some idea... Personally I find the techniques in the movements (dance) very different from katas because it looks more...
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    Is FMA the only viable stick art??

    This is just based on my personal experience so please take this with a grain of salt since I didn't learn FMA from organized schools... I gave several demos and lessons to Japanese MA guys who has experience with Hanbo but their main art was Karate, Judo, Aikido, Naginata and Kendo and some of...
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    I agree with you. Yes the teaching method is very different in MA and SD. Sad thing is that many non-MA practitioners often think that MA and SD are the same. In my country (Philippines) back in the days when I was young, there are no dojos that I know of who advertised SD only so it was...
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    I've heard about people who were desperate to learn MA due to their situation. One good example that I know is a guy back in high school who wanted to learn MA because he was always being asked money by or being bullied and thought that if he learned MA fast that he can easily kick the bullies...
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    Karate and Shortened lifespan?

    I don't know much about the karate since I'm not a real karate guy but since my son is doing karate and sometimes I teach at dojos other martial arts, I do meet lots of senior martial artists. Comparing senior karate guys to ordinary senior guys in the same age bracket, normally the karate guys...
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    Punches vs Open hand to face for self defense.

    I'm talking in general and not on the face only. I use both but I notice that I tend to use open hands a lot probably because of my training where sometimes our opponents are wearing helmets, mask and body armor. Sometimes it is so hard to find an opening because of other equipments that are...
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    Well, Hullo!

    Hello! Welcome :)
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    Meditation's Effect on You?

    Wow, thank you! I didn't know about the Shaolin way but will try it... My forehead and crown often has the tingling sensation and have probably learned to open and shut them down because sometimes the sensation is quite annoying. My biggest question is many gurus teach how to open them but...