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    Are Aikido's Circles Too Big?

    Here's a question for y'all... In my hapkido class yesterday, my instructor was showing us a move. One thing led to another, and we ended up discussing the circular movements so important to hapkido and its predecessor, aikido. My instructor said that whereas aikido tends towards larger...
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    Court: 15-year-old girls can marry

    Anyone wonder why girls are ready at 12 and boys at 14? What's the logic behind that?
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    Are there any movies that you recommend to your students?

    This questions is easy: "The Shining" ... cause Jack N shows us how to use an axe to defend yourself against your skinny wife and untrustworthy kid.
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    I'm a killing machine.

    Kreth... good comeback! LOL :lfao:
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    I'm a killing machine.

    Wow... I can't believe my original post... about me being asked to pose naked for a magazine... ended up being a debate on the homeless. Can we bring this back to me?? :) Hapki
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    Why do people bash Aikido?

    I bash aikido because it's pointless and doesn't work. (Just kidding! sheesh) :) Actually, I started out in aikido in college and loved it. Being a poor (financially) student, I couldn't afford to continue so I stopped years ago. I decided to start back up with the MA about a...
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    I'm a killing machine.

    Trust me, Dark, my hands are ruthless purveyors of quick death. ("Hey, are you lookin' at me?!?") Just for the record, this guy wasn't homeless... he was more of an unkempt scam artist. (Although, if he worked out, lost weight and regained some sanity, he wouldn't have been half bad...
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    I'm a killing machine.

    So I'm standing at the bus stop yesterday looking dashing in my suit and tennis shoes (it's a long walk) when a woman offers me 300 bucks to pose naked for a magazine... Ok.. I made that second part up. But I was, in fact, standing at the bus stop and looking dashing when a...
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    So I am finally here in San francisco. Just moved in

    Congrats, Beau... There's nothing better than living in a vacation destination. Now go stuff your face full of Ghirardelli chocolate! :) Patrick
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    Do you want more philosophy in your dojo?

    I figured it probably had been done to death, but I wasn't sure. I'm probably just missing something in my life. I'll drink a beer when I get home and feel better :)
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    How does Nature inform your Spirituality?

    Upnorth, I always enjoy your posts cause they're so cerebral and deliciously pagan. If you ever lead a revolution, let me know and I'll send you a check. Nature -- the observable world -- informs my view of life. I don't trust that which I can't experience with the senses or a shaman...
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    Do you want more philosophy in your dojo?

    I think this question is different from the ones already posted, but I apologize if it's not. Would you like more philosophy/religion in your school? I feel as though I'm missing out on gaining the full MA experience by having what we learn disconnected from its eastern philosophical...
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    Wearing Uniforms Outside

    Hmmmm... I've been completely unaware of this bit about not wearing your belt outside of class. I think it's another example of my instructor's difficulty with English limiting the info we get passed. I'll have to ask him about this tonight. I guess it depends on the art... but are there...
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    Your avatar: What is the story behind it?

    Ceicei, I think it looks great.
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    Your avatar: What is the story behind it?

    Me at my school's outdoor demo about a month ago. We were stretching our ankles when the pic was taken. I look unhappy cause it's so friggin' hot, and I can't remember why I didn't take up swimming instead of sitting in the sun in burlap-like black pajamas.