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  • That's okay, mate. No harm, no foul, as our American friends say. I only see one entry in my Rep list for that thread from your goodself and what you wrote in the comment was certainly not negative.

    If you find that you do accidently give Neg Rep, you do have a small window of time in which you can delete the rep - just bring up the "User CP" page and you should see a 'delete' label next to the rep you just gave.
    Never seen this part of forum before!!

    JT...like BT but much smaller ;-)

    Love bikes, back stops me from riding them much now. But as a pressie to myself after back op I bought an NSR250 MC28....love the strokers. I used to be into supermotos, doing a bit of racing and tarmac hillclimbs.

    Wc wise in Jersey is a nightmare. It kind of folded around 2001. I was involved heavely in the 90's but it just petered out. Some of the guys I trained with are still around but none are willing to teach bar 2. One is unreliable and the other I am waiting for. If nothing happens then I will have to go over to the UK to see Kevin Chan or Alan Gibson or someone once every 3 months for weekend sessions I think. Not the same as having a twice a week class but beggars cant be choosers.



    ps my online name is Bully...not because I am one (not good enough at WC for that!!) my surname is Bull...everyone justs calls me Bully.
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