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    A Martial Arts Spectrum?

    There are some quizzes like that Or maybe a flowchart?
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    So, it's ok to take pictures .....

    They already passed a new law in response to that ruling, making it illegal to take 'upskirt' photos.
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    American Gun Laws - What do you think?

    No, making it harder for people to legally buy guns will not decrease crime. Case in point:
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    How old are you and what MA to you train in?

    That's kind of funny. I also took a 10 year break and started training again in my early 40's. I went back to Hapkido, still training and was promoted to 2nd dan over the summer.
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    :rolleyes: What if you hit the lottery and...

    I wouldn't train all the time, I don't think my old muscles and bones could take it. I would build a training room at home though, mats, pads, heavy bag etc so I could train anytime I wanted in whatever way I wanted. I think I would travel for seminars more, explore other styles and teachers...
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    Chuck Norris' answer to JCVD's splits

    Van Damme had terrific nerve to do the splits in that commercial...but Chuck drove BOTH trucks. :)
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    Where Are our Martial Arts Gods?

    Michael Jai White. But for the most part as has been said, it's FAR easier to fake martial arts in the movies than it is to fake acting. Ever see the movie "Ninja Assassin" (2009)? The main ninja character is played by a pop star with no martial arts background. Great condition, probably a...
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    Why are some guns considered "ugly" in appearance?

    With every ugly gun someone during the design stage thought it looked good, so like every kind of beauty it's in the eye of the beholder. But some guns are just ugly. :) The Taurus Judge is one butt ugly gun, the proportions are all wrong. Pretty much everything from High Point is pretty...
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    1 will protect you, 8 will hunt you....

    Darth Vader, easy. The Force, interstellar travel, millions of clone troopers, contacts with the galaxies bounty hunters so he could put a contract out on the other 8.
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    pocket knive?

    I always have a pocket knife, most of the time 2. I regularly carry a Benchmade 710 and a Sog mini crosscut multitool.
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    Ruger 44 Magnum Superhawk Alaskan

    Very significant, depending on exactly which special vs mag loads you compare a huge difference. For example lets compare a fairly typical 44 Special to a very heavy hunting 44 Magnum load: 44 Special 245gr @ 700 fps roughly 6.5 lbs of recoil energy (coming back into your hand), 246 ft/lbs of...
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    Ruger 44 Magnum Superhawk Alaskan

    Ruger makes great revolvers, if you're Ok with the weight and short barrel - go for it. It will handle any 44 load you dare to chamber, but it will be a lot more fun to shoot all day with 44 Specials. :)
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    Good high powered rifle

    If you want a 375 H&H and want to break the bank, why not go to the source - Holland & Holland.
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    What skills should every person have

    Good things listed here. Building on many of the skills listed I would also say basic navigation and map reading. People shouldn't be dependent on GPS. It's rather looking like everyone agrees people should have Boy Scout skills. :) I would also include being literate and able to do basic 8th...
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    why the Lone Ranger flopped...

    Johnny Depp as Tonto alone probably turned off more people than went to see it. Who wants Cap'n Jack Sparrow in the old west destroying a classic character? Maybe they should have looked at Wild Wild West for inspiration if they wanted to make a western comedy, it may not be the greatest movie...