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    Martial Arts Pet Peeves

    The demand for loyalty and respect can be a little much. E.g., I should feel prviledged to be able to pay $900 to test for black belt. It can get worse of course. "The first sexual assault took place in May 2015, when the complainant was 15, she testified. While in his office, Lim asked her...
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    For the sake of brevity, I deleted part of my initial comment before posting. If Harvard Business School gave Bill Gates an honorary MBA, I'd be hard pressed to disagree. Similarly, giving Chuck Norris an honorary BB in TKD, in the alternate scenario that he never tested for it, would seem...
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    I think if the "honorary" BB were given to someone skilled who never officially studied the art, that would make sense.
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    On further review, I got one key fact wrong - the Canadian politician got his honorary BB (7th dan) in Ottawa (not Korea), whilst a Korean politician was visiting. It seems it was done purely by a local GM, so I guess that explains why I don't see it online.
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

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    Is there any technique in TaeKwonDo you have a pet peeve with?

    Biggest pet peeve is teaching the 1 step sparring technique of defending a punch with a crescent kick.
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    Hapkido instructor claims that jump spinning kicks in TKD came from Hapkido

    I think Bill Wallace said it best: "The problem with kicking is that you are standing on one foot".
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    Addressing people.

    Next someone will say they take issue with "Good morning" :)
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    Addressing people.

    Why is that? Does it seem not genuine to you? Personally , I hate "bro" and "dude".
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    Addressing people.

    I know a few women who find "Ma'am" insulting, making them feel like old ladies, but I've never heard of any men having a problem with "Sir".
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    Addressing people.

    Since this is TKD, there is also South Korea.
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    Is it legal to knock someone out with a capoeira kick in WT Taekwondo?

    No you can't touch the mat with any part of your body other than your feet.
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    Really bummed about my recent test

    Maybe due to moving to different cities and age (adult), I've always felt that my learning was my responsibility. (I attended 4 different schools before getting a black belt). I look to teachers to teach, then it is up to me to think about it and practise it.
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    Try this drill

    I'm not a fast person, so I have never found the full switch to be effective. However, once I started working out at a UFC gym, I was very impressed with the switch kicks the muy thai guys do. I found it to be much quicker. Finally I came across actor Scott Adkins comparison of the two...