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    Some new clips

    I add a new clips on you tube we shoot this at IMAF tournament. although we don't win we acquire new experience and knowledge about this kind of compettetion since Rapido Realismo Kali is a traditional Bladed Arts and PG espera disagree with this kind of foam padded with protected gear and...
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    PG Espera Video Clips

    Hi guys, Another video of Rapido Realismo Kali that we wanted to share to all of you. This is me and my master, PG Espera playing with stick after the 2nd Gathering. Have fun. Visit us at PG Espera are...
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    How to fight a Lefty

    I have some question for all of you especially those seasoned fighter of kali. 1. Have you experience fighting a fast and power hitter left handed in Arnis? (Padded and real Stick) 2. What is the best strategy and Tactics fighting this kind of Fighter? 3. Technique, attributes and other...
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    Rapido Realismo Footage

    I Uploaded the First Gathering of Rapido Realismo to Share to you the Arts. Hope you Enjoy Watching.
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    FMA Practitioners Shot to Death

    To all FMA Brothers and Sisters, I receive this Text or SMS message from Ms. Ginalyn Relos, just want to let you know and try to help. " To all members andOfficers of FMA. Please help our Collegue Joel Oliveros, Instructors of Mink Mongoose under Dekiti Tirsia Siradas had been shot to Death by...
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    Kali Representatives

    Rapido Realismo Kali Interantional ************ ********* *PRESENTS* ********* ********* **** Punong Guro Henry Espera Philippines 2006 Kali Warrior and Mastery Training Camp November 6 – December 11, 2006 ***OPEN to ALL STYLES and SKILL LEVELS*** (One Month Intensive Basic Instructor Training...
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    Rey Dominguez

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    Rey Dominguez

    Hi Guys i just wanna share you this info. My friend Master Rey Dominguez Guro and Coach of the PNP Arnis Team and promoter of the world invitational Arnis Tournament will be having an Arnis Seminar on September 3-4, 2006 and will be held at his Cainta Gym for more info contact him at...
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    video clips

    I want to share you this video. both master are trained in Traditional FMA and Silat they both good teacher and an experience Fighter. Punong Guro Henry Espera of Rapido Realismo Kali Master Fred Fernadez of Arnis Defense Silat...
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    Rapido Realismo Wariior and Mastery Camp

    Mabuhay! Again we are cordially invited you all to attend the Rapido Realismo Kali Warrior and Mastery Training Camp “ Train to Learn, Train to fight, Train to Teach” November 6, 2006-December 11, 2006 (Basic Instructor Training Program / Candidate Course) Open Styles, Open Gender...
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    Rapido Realismo

    To our FMA brothers We invite you to the Rapido Realismo Kali Event this year and hope to see you here and support fellow FMA practitioners. (to the moderators hope you can allow us to post it here, tnx.) Rapido Realismo Kali Interantional **********************PRESENTS***********************...
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    Info on Kali Events

    Due to a lot of inquiry about the Rapido Realismo Kali and their interest to Train and start their own Rapido Realismo Kali Training Group to represent the Arts in their country/Location. Since mostly they ask the date of any Instructor Course, PunongGuro Henry Espera decided to do a one time...