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    Will XingYi Quan confuse / conflict with my Wing Chun?

    Were I in Tokyo I'd be seeking out a few people in Japan. Ark did Xingyi and Taiji before learning some Daito-ryu and Yanagi Shingan-ryu and synthesizing his own system. Hidetoshi Mitsuoka is a martial arts genius and also preserves some major Reiki and Shingon esoteric knowledge - he's the...
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    5 Ancestors Fist in Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa

    I hope you stop in for class. I have two regular students at the moment and work with various experience levels from 20+ year experienced martial artists to brand new people. I'll be in San Diego this upcoming week and hope to meet with some other kung fu people.
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    Smoking in Kung Fu

    Intrinsic difference is that one comes from the environment and those around you - that is something to help reinforce behaviors that lead to positive social interaction. When smoking alone or with those who may not be connected to you you are gaining a false perception. What is the difference...
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    5 Ancestors Fist in Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa

    I have permission to teach Baguazhang foundations here in Phoenix. The Saam Choy site is my kung fu uncle's he has since moved to Payson and is the mayor there. I teach Qigong on Sunday mornings at 9AM at Alwun House Gallery in Central Phoenix. Most of what I teach is from Jiang Rong Qiao's Old...
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    Smoking in Kung Fu

    I met my first Taijiquan teacher at a cigar shop and I've done a lot of push hands in his old cigar factory. I was exposed to Baguazhang through another cigar shop. My Taiji teacher was able to train with Chen Xiaowang after criticizing the man for his cigarette use and comparing generational...
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    Personal Observation - Books about Taijiquan

    I think anyone who practices Taijiquan whether from Chen, Hao, Sun, Wu or Yang should read these two books by Mark Chen. He goes over the Laojia that most say the other styles are based on in-depth and then the second book he goes over some of the history of the Chen clan - just what kind of...
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    Liu He Ba Fa/Lok Hup Ba Fa - experiences

    Liuhebafa is so complex I wouldn't even think I'd learned anything from videos. That said - more has come to light recently and Nelson Ma was kind enough to share. I hope you can understand what he's saying - I can but friends have trouble.
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    Kung Fu in the East Bay CA.

    Chen Taijiquan: Chen Taiji forms, Taiji history, Tai Chi & Qigong classes, reference material and links If you're into old school Chen village stuff go there. If you can find Carmine Farruggia - he's probably the best taiji guy in NorCal as far as Chen goes IMO.
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    Baguazhang Mud walking vs the Xingyiquan Chicken step

    I think mud walking all depends on which lineage you're exposed. The mud walking from the Cheng branch I train with has more to do with extending and gliding. The mud walking I was shown in Gong style had more to do with sliding and shiftin like a big bow and arrow stance. The mud walking I was...
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    My knees are weird

    That's only the most basic aspect of mud walking. Once you're comfortable with walking this way and doing it correctly you can start working on floating root and partnered walking exercises. The teacups are for learning to use the torso to move the arms. One normally practices this stationary...
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    My knees are weird

    I too have ******* knees. The mud walking has definitely helped as has the bagua silk reeling, particularly the water trigram bowl wiping exercise we do.
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    My thoughts are like farts in the wind.

    My thoughts are like farts in the wind.
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    Backbend from standing advice

    The exercises prepare you for games like this.
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    Backbend from standing advice

    I'm getting to a point with my Tibetan 5 Rites practice that I think minor gymnastics are the next progression. Headstands, back bridge really obvious progressions from some of these. The order and flavor I was shown these was a little different but ultimately the same. It was a bagua school so...