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    Knee care?

    The FDA did have the Noni market remove the medical claims BECAUSE IT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED or APPROVED by the FDA as a Medical treatment but it IS APPROVED AS A HEALTH SUPPLEMENT....So try it if you believe that alternative Natural supplements work or dont...
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    Knee care?

    Always something negative out there for evry product. I have been using it for awhile now and I am feeling much better.... I guess the proof is in the pudding.....try it or dont....ok with me....
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    TKD & low back problems

    Try Tahitian Noni. It works for me!!!! I have had 2 knee surgeries and an ankle reconstruction and have had lower back injuries from too many combat jumps. The Antioxidants are really helping my body out. I'd recomend it to anyone. **Text removed - Advertising and inviting people to contact you...
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    Knee care?

    Tahitian Noni is working for me. I have had 2 knee operations and a complete ankle reconstruction. **Text removed - Advertising and inviting people to contact you so you may sell products to them is against MartialTalk rules.**
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    Aching knees

    I just started drinking Tahitian Noni Juice and it is doing wonders for me. I have had 2 Knee surgeries and a complete ankle reconstruction and since I have started drinking the Noni they have lessened considerably. **Text removed - Advertising and inviting people to contact you so you may sell...
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    Looking for Self-Defense Tai Chi

    Can you guys recommend anyone in the Phoenix area for Tai Chi with a self defense aspect to it? My body is beat up and I want to train in a style that will be tolerant of my bodies limitations...
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    Soft styles

    I have been on a quest to find a martial art to study and have been having no luck. I dont think my body will allow me to begin to study the style I am interested in (American Kenpo) so I am now looking into the more softer Chinese Styles. Does anyone know of any schools in the Phoenix area that...
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    Pride has been purchased!!

    I think it might be the catalyst for setting up some really good fights between the fighters of the two top MMA organizations....
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    Legalize the Illegals??

    Yeah I respect you're opinion on the Marijuana issue. I have mixed feelings about that as well. I do know that Marijuana is considered a gateway drug. But I do not see it as any more harmful than Alcohol is. Why not legalize it, regulate it, and collect taxes on it....Doesn't mean you need to go...
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    Legalize the Illegals??

    There ya go, lets annex Mexico and legalize the Marijuana trade and that will solve all the problems with illegal immigration....:ultracool
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    Legalize the Illegals??

    My Grandparents came here from Mexico Illegally back in the 1910's. They worked hard studied hard and became US citizens and were productive members of society until the day they died. I grew up with a mexican mother and a white father and went on to serve my country for 20+ years in the United...
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    the movie star game

    Linda Florentino
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    Movie Star Martial Artist, what Style and Rank are they?

    The Bleeker book contends that bruce died from complications of extended steriod use which required hime to use another drug that caused his body to retain water at a rapid rate whih in turn caused his brain edema (What actually killed him)
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    Movie Star Martial Artist, what Style and Rank are they?

    There is an ebook on that very subject available by download for free on the KarateConnection website called UNSETTLED MATTERS THE LIFE AND DEATH OF BRUCE LEE by Tom Bleeker
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    Movie Star Martial Artist, what Style and Rank are they?

    He was Roper from "Enter the Dragon" right?