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    Birthdays Go Here~!

    A Very Happy Birthday to everyone I've missed!! :cheers: :-popcorn: :-partyon: :-partyon:
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    new member

    Howdy from Texas, & welcome to MT! :wavey: Hope you enjoy the forums.
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    Birthdays Go Here~!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to baughman, onequiks2k, TKD Kain & a Happy Belated Birthday to Raewyn & all those I missed this year (& last year)!! :-partyon: :cheers: :-partyon:
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    The Last Person.....

    Doing alright, thanks....about to go to Lunch myself. Never posted on this thread before, so I thought I would check it out... :p
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    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Oops--duplicate post would a Mod please delete this one? thanks!
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    Hello, Martial Talk...Glad to be here!

    Hi Scott & welcome to MT! :)
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    Feeling A Bit Responsible...

    Ditto! :)
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    Addressing Someone's Lack of Hygiene

    If I were in your place, I would mention it to the Head Instructor first, & ask him/her to make an announcement after class to remind everyone to wash their gi regularly. Then, if he still won't wash it, I'd ask the highest ranking male in the dojo to tell him to "go home & wash that thing--no...
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    Martial Talk Logo Shirts?

    I'd buy one of those (in addition to an MT/KT logo shirt)-- Rousseau would be proud. :D
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    Hello All

    Welcome to MT & I hope you're enjoying the site! :)
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    nihao! (hello!)

    Welcome to MT, Taijiguy!
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    Hello Everyone,

    Welcome to MT & I hope you enjoy the forums! :)
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    waz up fellow martail artists

    Welcome to MT!
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    Hi, Rob819! Glad you joined MT & I hope you enjoy the boards--we have a lot of nice folks here. :)
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    New here

    Howdy from Texas, & welcome to MT! :wavey: