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    Need actual help. Truly need some Knowledge / Input...

    Look into a shooting course... like Chuck Pressburg's Presscheck Consulting courses. He doesn't live in Washington anymore but he still does a lot courses there.
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    Is it even worth it?....

    Stay away from online courses. I would wait until a better opportunity, especially in Takamatsu-den martial arts. In the early 1990's I was in the same boat in Savannah. While on leave I would visit my teacher and train. It wasn't until 92 that my squad leader, Matt Larsen, had the same...
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    Banke Shinobinoden -- split from Bujinkan fraud

    I'm sure that the source of Bartitsu's kata were from my post
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    Banke Shinobinoden -- split from Bujinkan fraud

    You would be surprised to know that the mokuroku that is listed on Banke Shinobinoden for SFr yawara is the same as the mokuroku for SFr kenpō. Yawara soku gaeshi kagami dori muna dori muna otoshi ect. kenpō washinoha gaeshi ryufu rangiku sennin kuzushi ect. This SFr kenp&#333...
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    Shinden Fudo Ryu circa 1898 Question.

    The name of the school that Barton-Wright studied in Kobe was Shinden Fudo-ryu kenpo, not associated with the other two SFR that were taught by Takamatsu Sensei. The only thing that connects this school with the other SFR is that this school finally ended up going to Ueno Takashi (a student of...
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    Starting a Training Group

    Wideman Kyoshi, I believe Jim was in the Genbukan back in the late 80's early 90's while he was in England. I think he was with Mark Lutman and Peter Brown during his time in the Genbukan. Regards, George
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    What are "koppou tactics"?

    The koppo tactics they are referring to is based on a person by the name of Horibe Seishi who teaches a family art which he called koppo. As I understand he combined his family art with submission grappling after the BJJ craze started. I think his organization is called Nihon Budo-den Koppo Kai...
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    Jinenkan blue ninja?

    The Togakure-ryu Taikai venue was moved from Germany to the UK. The dates are the same too.
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    Who's Made It Through The Dragon Years?

    Strange that "Dragon" is used. When using that term it usually symbolizes "wisdom" while the term "tiger" symbolizes "strength".
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    Does the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu still exist?

    My posting on Shinkage-ryu was not to debunk you, it was more of a clarification... except for the founding date. As for the bojutsu and kenjutsu that Sato Sensei taught, this came from Ueno Takashi who learned Yagyu Shingan-ryu taijutsu from Hoshino Tenchi. Also, the correct name of the line...
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    Does the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu still exist?

    Some comments... The real name for Yagyu Shinkage-ryu is Shinkage-ryu. From my discussions with someone from that school is that outsiders usually call it Yagyu Shinkage-ryu, but in actuallity it is just called Shinkage-ryu. The founding date is 1568. How would you know if that is all that is...
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    Banke Shinobinoden

    Ban-ke ( 伴家) is one of the 53 Koga (Koka) families. Specifically, the Ban family were located in the Minakuchi-cho ( 水口町) area.,_Shiga
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    Offical Ryu Ha studies & Ranking!

    Me a encyclopedia? I make mistakes too :) Let me tell a story about me and a Genbukan Kyoshi (Wideman Kyoshi should remember this story) having a discussion about a castle being connected to Takagi Yoshin-ryu. We were at the Aizu Castle (Aizu-jo) and I overheard him say something to the effect...
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    Offical Ryu Ha studies & Ranking!

    Ninpo81, Thank you for your post. Just for the record, I was not upset or angered by your post. Posts like these come about once a year, so nothing new. Anyway, thank you for your apology. Kind Regards,
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    Questions about wearing rules in the Kans

    I don't allow anyone at my dojo to wear a do-rag (bandana, drive-on rag, durag, ect.) Hachimaki is a different story.