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    Common expressions that are wrong....

    I'm a high school teacher here in the states and I don't know of any public high school that allows boxing ...either as a team sport or extracurricular club. I did a quick google search and found a reference to just one school boxing program in the Chicago area ...but that's a rare exception...
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    How to deal with forward pressure in Chi Sao

    That's a big difference between WC/WT/VT (and most striking arts) and grappling arts like Shuai Chiao. Grapplers want to get ahold of you. In WC that's secondary to hitting you. So by this logic, WC chi-sau isn't training you to seek to make a bridge and "stick" so much as it's training you to...
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    Gripping a knife

    The "hammer grip" is a basic fundamental, but it isn't the only good way to hold a blade. A lot dependes on the type of blade and handle, and how you are trying to use it. Here's an article that explores various grips. I in a rush, need to get back to work, and I'm far enough down the ADD...
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    Different Dummy = Different wing chun?

    People have said the same thing about me! Well maybe not so deep :D But seriously, was it buried solidly and rigidly like a fencepost or was is set in a hole with some give like you see in some of the movies?
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    Got a concussion

    This is the type of response you often read on a discussion forum. And that's fine. But it's also the reason you should seek advice from qualified medical professionals! ;)
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    Different Dummy = Different wing chun?

    Hey the rest of you out there....wake up and post!!! Keep this WC sub-forum alive.
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    Different Dummy = Different wing chun?

    Interesting observations! Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to work on a true stake dummy. The closest thing would be some cheesy dummies with tubular metal bodies on plate stands anchored to the ground. I sure they didn't provide the kind of feedback that the real, old-time stake...
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    I'm with Skribs on this. I've trained under some talented people and at age 67 will never develop that level of skill. But there are a few things I've learned about the arts I've trained that I do better than my teachers did. Martial arts do not just begin or peak with the inspired...
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    Find a video I really like on knife practice

    These techniques are a lot more applicable in a life or death situation than the exaggeratedly big moves shown by the Kali Center guy above. These Libre guys totally get it that knife fighting is not "defense"'s about killing the other guy. I agree with that ...which is why I'm...
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    Does YouTube demos show the whole technique?

    We do Wing Chun and Eskrima (coming out of the old Latosa PMAS system). Emin also taught Rene Latosa's stuff. Very practical and down to earth. I try not to mix the two (WC and FMA) but they do reinforce each other. Trouble is, I'm an old guy with a small group and not exactly making an impact...
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    Does YouTube demos show the whole technique?

    Yep. Sometimes it seems intentional, but more often just a matter of it not being practical to show everything in one clip. That's just for the stuff posted by people who actually know what they're doing. Of course, for every knowledgeable poster there are dozens of idiots posting garbage.
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    Looking for a suitable school near me (Massachusetts)

    For an external art you might check out the Ving Tsun taught at this school: WUXIA MARTIAL ARTS CENTER It's a good 40-45 minutes north of Medford on the 95, but I can vouch for the instructor. He's good. Also does other TCMA as well as Arnis and BJJ.
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    Would you hit a woman who was unarmed?

    Robots? Sorry if I expressed myself poorly. That織s not what I was trying to say. I meant that if it were absolutely necessary to do something like punch ...or even shoot someone for your survival or that of your comrades or family, highly trained and experienced professionals usually do what...
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    Would you hit a woman who was unarmed?

    Just ran across this on YouTube. Cracked me up ...and made me think about this thread.
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    Would you hit a woman who was unarmed?

    When you were on a SWAT team, would you have been less willing to shoot a female target than a male if ordered too? I imagine not. I imagine that you would fall back on your training and do what had to be done ...even if it was deeply disagreeable and disturbing. Wouldn't "hitting a woman"...