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  • Geezer, you're my hero. The way you explain things is epic! One of these days I need to come buy you lunch and have a tea-time chat!
    Geezer, I just have to say that your posts on here always are valid and have meaning. Thank you so much for your contributions to the site, even if I don't agree with what you say 100% of the time!
    Hey Steve, didn't forget about you.. just been busy. If u want to train just let me know a few days ahead and we'll work something out.
    Great to chat with you again too! You always ask the hard questions. You rock!
    Hey geezer, this is Allan. We spoke a while back and you told me about your group training in tempe as well as with Keith Sonnenberg I believe in Wing Chun. I had to get a new computer and I lost your email. I am in Peoria, AZ and would love to come train with you. Please email me at AllanC@Cox.net, also have you heard from Michael who teaches Halo Halo eskrima? Take care.
    geezer I am in the area and have been trying to put word out. I teach at Masters and Champions in Grand Blanc. Call me at 810-348-3421. Also we are hosting a Seminar with guro dan Inosanto Oct. 25 and 26
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