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    Two questions about Isshin Ryu & Isshinryu karate:

    That's all very interesting and explanatory. Thanks to all.
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    Push on your opponent's shoulder when he punches you

    It seems to me that if your reflexes are such that you can see an opponent launching a punch and you can punch the opponent's shoulder before the punch arrives, then your reflexes are better than the opponent's reflexes and you could probably do a number of thing to avoid the punch, such as...
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    So what does everyone think about Simone Biles withdrawing from the Olympics due to her mental health issues?

    I know nothing of Biles or her problem - which some describe as merely an 'issue' - but I doubt that she will suffer losses of endorsement deals; in fact, if anything the advertisers are more likely to want to do business with her now. Many of the Olympic TV ads I have seen are selling...
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    Two questions about Isshin Ryu & Isshinryu karate:

    Thanks very much.
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    Two questions about Isshin Ryu & Isshinryu karate:

    Firstly, do the terms describe the same art? I would have thought so, but I have read suggestions that Isshin Ryu [with or without the hyphen] is a separate critter from Isshinryu. Secondly, it seems that Isshin Ryu is not very popular in Okinawa, but is doing quite well elsewhere...
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    Is it not a good idea to use boxing in a street fight situation do to the risk of breaking bones in

    When Mike "My Brain Is On Fire" Tyson was champ, he got into an argument (of course) in a Manhattan club with one of his competitors. Showing his usual self control, he punched the guy in the head - and broke his hand. The toughest guy in the world, built like a refrigerator, broke his hand...
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    Tang Soo Do: you can go your own way.

    I get the various splits in the world of Tang Soo Do. I found interesting in the wikipdeia entry: """ Hwang Kee and a large constituent of the Moo Duk Kwan continued to develop a version of Tang Soo Do that eventually became what is now known as "Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan". This modified version...
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    Do Shotokan and Goju Ryu competitors fight the same in point tournaments?

    Lager studies tend to go on until way after midnight and make it difficult to train the nest day.
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    1987 to 1990 All Okinawan Karate World Championships

    There is a video of the above: I'm wondering if perhaps someone here has personal knowledge of the goings on there. I am curious if all various Okinawan styles are represented there, or if some are more dominant than others - if such things can be determined. Thanks
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    We don't throw straight rights in street fights.

    I wonder if that would work.
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    Video - Does Judo work for street fights?

    The two deaths were in civilian combat. I know of only one death on the mats, many years ago a well-ranked black belt died in sparring, but I don't track such things. If someone tries to throw and the other person resists, there can result throws which go badly wrong. I don't know that there...
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    Video - Does Judo work for street fights?

    Judo - mat - holding on to throwee = combat jujitsu (more or less), which is what most military forces train in, world-wide. Of course you have to know what you are doing, but being thrown at speed can be devastating. I know of a couple of deaths from that.
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    Martial arts as defense on the streets

    Karate was huge by the late 1970s. Various serious MA had been used by military forces for a long time (100 years?), but karate and the MA thing was a big trendy flash in North America. I recall an interview in some MA magazine, with a serving British military officer of a high enough rank to...
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    Shorinjin Saito-Ryu Ninjitsu

    I should have added that after scaling the castle wall, the ninja person should be sure to launch the flying kick in the right direction.
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    Motivational Song?

    Since you ask: I didn't find it musical enough to think of it as s "song."