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    Internal Arts Represented Here

    cup, From whom are you learning Gao style? Buddy Yizong baguazhang
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    I thought I could try this forum

    Sure, it's Shandong but I suspect that is only a brand name. What they do is Lau's yingjow.
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    I thought I could try this forum

    Shum Leung is a fanzi eagle claw guy. Fanzi is a typical northern style that adds solid basic gongfu to the more specialized eagle claw (chin na). It's sort of like the way Ken Takhoi added pigua to his monkey boxing. If you'll notice they mention fanzi on the "shang tung" site.
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    Chi And Posture By Pete Starr

    Robert Heinlein?
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    Martial Arts South of Boston

    I teach baguazhang on Sats in Plymouth and once a month in Boston.
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    Chin Na (need some help)

    Think of ANY chin na as a gift. It is very difficult to actually get in a full speed match.
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    Swimming Dragon in Bagua

    Swimming Dragon is also a stage of practice. We call it swimming body.
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    Looking for a Bagua school in Portland, OR

    "Here's the prototype for my flyer, you guys. I should have a PDF available soon, but thought I'd put this up anyway for folks to check out. We're still working on a location, but we have a pay-pal account set up and all that stuff. Should be tons' o fun. S FIRST TIME EVER...
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    What is Internal or External Kung Fu?

    I would say anything is possible, but I find it very improbable given the tendency for many karate styles to use tension and less-than-whole body power. Of course, someone had to discover it. But here's a real life example. One of my students has black belts in Kempo and Tae Kwon Do. When he...
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    What is Internal or External Kung Fu?

    Yes. I could end my response here and probably should. But rather than read what is written at EF (because sometimes the same words can be interpreted in a number of ways) why not actually ask there. For example Jake Burroughs teaches mantis and studies Zhaobao Taiji and Song Xingyi. Even there...
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    What is Internal or External Kung Fu?

    "I would agree that is probably a very common and widely accepted deffinition. An internal style is chracterised by its methods of training slowly while an external style is characterised by its methods of training fast." No, it's a different body method, a different method of generating power...
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    Sifu Hsu: internal vs. external (revisited)

    My apologies to the board and to all for my recent outburst.
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    Sifu Hsu: internal vs. external (revisited)

    For the record the name on my birth certificate is Buddy, please don't put it in quotes. "its obvious you guys are buddies and want to protect and support each others post online, but your not contributing to the thread or original topic by doing so." Obvious? What is obvious is that you have...