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    the people vs. george lucas

    My kids have destroyed 2 of my original trilogy DVDs so I went to Best Buy to get them replaced as I saw the 3 pack 3 weeks back. Well they did not have it on the shelves so I asked if it was in the back. "We shipped them all back 2 weeks ago." Between Greedo shooting first and this I am...
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    Omar, I went back to the Axe.

    After 13 years I have picked up the Guitar again. (Mid life crises starts early, better than a Corvette and infidelaty.) I used to have a 86-87 PRS Custom, A Peavy Transtube Head, Ranfell 4-12 with celestions. Long stroy short after being a musician in So Fla (Furious Spring 92-94) I...
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    Crime Victim Uses Submission Hold; Suspect Eventually Dies. Now What?

    At 15 I was walking back from TKD class and stupidly taking a short cut behind a some buildings. Accosted by a crackhead with a busted bottle. I was petrified and and front kicked him in the throat (How I did not get cut in the leg is dumb luck IMO) and he went down like a bag of crap, holding...
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    Promoted to Gokyu tonight!

    Congrats! TKD and Judo can be a pretty nice mix and if anything doing both is GREAT for your health. I have not done TKD since I was a teen but it laid a basic foundation that has helped me with every art I have studied. I recently started doing strikes and kicks from Horse, Back and...
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    I was promoted to Ikkyu last night

    KICK ***! Congrats on acheaving Ikkyu in Danzan Ryu I really like that style of Jujutsu alot.
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    Where can I find a real "Jujutsu" school around North Texas and Austin Texas? (NOT BJJ)

    This is one of the main reasons we have one of our students, who Boxed for many years teach Boxing skills and we do Boxing rules sparring. I also teach some punching, kicking ect from the TKD, MT, and karate from my past training. You need realistic attacks to train against realistic attacks.
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    Knife Fighting Lies

    No they should be wearing what they normally wear and training unarmed and with weapons you can actually walk down the street with. But I am about art so I do spend time working with swords because it has tranference to common objects, build attributes and in my house what looks like a...
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    Can you be addicted to Martial Arts?

    GJC: "Hello my name is Gaius and I am and addict." Group: "Hello Gaius" GJC: " You quiters can keep your coffee and doughnuts! Class starts in 30 minutes, I'm outta here!"
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    How to start 6 yr old son in martial arts - where to begin?

    If one of your main reasons is so he actually learns to defend himself I would avoid about 98% of Tae Kwon Do schools and I say this as someone who got his start doing TKD (and a mix of Muay Thai and "Dirty tricks") with my step dad and later at a Dojang run by Jung Soo Park in the 80s. Most...
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    Knife Fighting Lies

    They can call themselves whatever they wish, but unless you use scientific methods of testing techniques versus attacks your doing an art. There are so many varibles in a fight that it cant help but be art. Sex is art, War is art, music is art, medicine is science. But again they can...
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    Knife Fighting Lies

    Once again I must point out the Obi Wan Kenobi principle, which states "Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly upon our point of veiw." I like Animals work, much of it rings true to situations I have been in but no one has a lock on the truth and he is trying to sell his POV, as many...
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    About the new A Team movie

    Watch again, at the trial they all had SF flashes, meaning they all went SF after that first Op, so by the time they were in Iraq they were all SOCOM. And hey it's the A-Team, it aint real, just fun. I liked how Hannibal used the Old Ruger Mini 14 from the show. And again Murdoch is not...
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    One of the great battle movies: Zulu

    About 6 months ago I ordered both Zulu and Zulu Dawn from Best Buy. I got Zulu but Zulu Dawn was out of print. My 8 year old loves Zulu and he enjoyed the history lesson I gave him while watching it. A great example of "ritish steel in the hour of chaos", of fighting side by side for...
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    Remo Williams may be back

    Leave out the shape shifter and android crud and it could be great. Man I have not read a Destroyer since 4th grade, since we are on pulp books of my youth, they should do Mack Bolan The Executioner next.
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    BJJ question

    Their self defense waza is like our ground fighting waza, decent but lots of holes in it. Still it's good to see BJJ schools who at least address stand up combat with more than a few words of advice. If you want to do self defense geared Jujutsu than traditional/combat Jujutsu is for you...