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    Another newbie

    Welcome to MT. Fyn
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    Monkey Fist

    Hello Kirk, So slungshot is exactly what? A type of sling? I looked on the Cumann Bata Dayton website but didn't didn't see anything about it. Fyn
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome back Tom! Fyn
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    The Official 2012 Olympic Judo Thread

    Kayla Harrison is truly a great ambassador for Judo. Fyn
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    Ray Bradbury

    Goodbye Ray Bradbury and thanks for the stories ...
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    The Official 2012 Olympic Judo Thread

    It looks like Kayla Harrison will be going for the Gold in the Women's Half Heavyweight division later today. She just defeated Mayra Aguiar of Brazil. Good Luck to her! Fyn
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    Hello from Portland, Oregon

    Welcome from Olympia, Washington. Hope you like Martial Talk. Lots of great people to talk with/discuss MA. Fyn
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    New CBD article: Instruction, Example, and Inference

    Thanks for the article. It seems a good, logical approach teaching a "dead" martial art. Fyn
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    Taking my first formal Tai Chi class this Saturday

    Sorry to here your class ended. Take your friend up on the offer. It's better to have someone with some experience guide you in your learning than try to learn on your own. Fyn
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    Your own form

    In Taijiquan, no I haven't created any of my own forms (I have quite a lot to practice already). But last summer, I created a short form to practice quarter staff. Fyn
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    The Book I Cannot Buy...

    Just to see if the "Curse of the Isshinryu Kusanku Kata Secrets Revealed" is real, I tried to purchase the book from Powell's online. Everything seemed okay, the purchase went through, then two days later I got an email from them saying: "We're very sorry, but the item listed below is not...