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    Tactical Flashlight

    The problem I see is with the bevel. Some TSA will consider it a weapon. It is a long bevel, longer then needed to "see the flashlight if I set it down". Many consider any bevel to be a "Strike Bevel" only used as a weapon.
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    Coping with injury

    I know it has been a little while since you maid the post but... You can also do slow form work. Only do what your body will let you. Think of it like a moving meditation or Tai Chi. Go through a form slooowly focusing on how your body feels. The transition of weight, how you hold your form. it...
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    Exercises for being more light-footed?

    As a side observation, Some styles use heavy steps to keep timing and to express power in their forms. So it is not always a bad thing to have a heavy step. I know someone that focuses on the stomp as she moves forward. It helps her with timing. I want to say that Kung Fu has a bear step that...
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    Why are most martial arts weapons illegal?

    I have always love the adage of "It is better to have and not need then to need and not have." I have a problem with carrying a gun in a lot of places. I am military currently and am planning on going back to school to get in to the medical sector. That prevents my from carrying my gun. And...
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    Why are most martial arts weapons illegal?

    I was thinking of getting in to some of the weapons form and I wanted to learn something that I can actually carry. The problem I have found is that a lot of states(military, I move around a lot) have made laws that prevent you from carrying most weapons. A stick is often lumped in with a...
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    How to become quicker?

    Have you tried slow/med/fast? I know there is another name for it but...I c an not remember it. You start out slow focusing on the movement(moving meditation style). How your body slides in to the movement. You are looking for any snags. look to see if you have tightness in the joints. Med you...