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    Tae Kwon Do college sport?

    I think it would be hard for most colleges to have any real scholarships available. Seems that the preference goes to the sports and generate money first, then your women’s activities (generally do not generate all that much in profit) then the feel good sports - finally you have the chess...
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    1st Dan Testing Fee

    I'm (Snohomish TKD) at $75 for Rec Black belt (Jr. Belt) and $200 for 1st Dan. And that comes with Hwa Rang TKD certification. I know it's not as big as an WTF/KKW cert but it's good enough for my students - because I say so. Like my instructor says I'm a 5th Dan, and that's good enough for...
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    Compared to your instructor, are you......

    I'm much less strict, I grew up in a dungeon dojo and had that type of massive pushup spar till you puke and bleed instructor. Can't do that anymore and have a successful school.
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    A master's pet-peeves

    Nice! Lov'n it! :ultracool
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    Street efective TKD

    I like to work on muscle memory so I react without having to think too much.
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    Modern Arnis Seminar FREE!

    Taught by: Master Jay Boiselle Location: Snohomish Taekwondo 225 Cypress Ave Snohomish, WA USA 98290 360-862-1430 Snohomish Taekwondo (SnoTKD) is owned and operated by Master Adam Huntley (Fluffy here on MT). SnoTKD has been an active Taekwondo school in...
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    If you could create a form.....

    Mine would start with a block - like every form/kata should (it's defensive). And I would add double and triple kick combo's. The form would be about 90 moves long (give or take 10 moves) and take about 3 minutes to preform so it would have some tension movements.
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    Grandmaster Andy Ah Po

    He's a great guy! What kind of seminar will you be attending? Qigong, Tang Soo Do, both....? He teaches through action, though he talks - he does not like to. You will sweat a bit, but he will not run you into the ground. But again it matters on the type of seminar you will be attending...
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    Whats your favorite BB poomse and why.

    I love all the Songahm forms. I miss them, but life goes on. I think my favorite Songahm form was Songahm #5, it's been changed a few times sense I was with the ATA but it was a great challenge and I'm sure you're up to it.
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    Whats your favorite BB poomse and why.

    For me it's Moon-Moo or Juche, both have tension kicks and I love them.
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    ITF / WTF better apart or together?

    I feel they have they're merits being apart, but I would like to see some joint ventures. Like the Olympics or some world championship tourney's - or even an open instructors camp would be great!
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    Looking for a good print or poster of the tenets

    I have a professional artist on call (when I need her) but at $200 (and that's a favor for a friend, example my logo) per job I try and avoid anything but original art. I may have her do something, but I'm looking for prints first to save money. I found a poster on Ebay Canada, but the...
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    Looking for a good print or poster of the tenets

    Thank you for the edit...I can't type after Friday night sparring class. I did try Google, just have not found much. Though I did find one, I'll attach it. The only problem is very low quality I would need to figure out how to clean it up.
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    Looking for a good print or poster of the tenets

    I'm looking for a good poster or print of the Tenets of TKD. It will be going up on one of my walls, so it needs to be professional looking. I've looked around but have not found a copy I like. Any ideas where to look?
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    How many uniforms do you wear in a week?

    I wear two or three a week. Including t-shirt day on Friday.