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    Using videos to supplement what you learn in class?

    In TKD I used videos to remind me of certain movements in the poomsae I was currently learning when I forgot them but just as a supplement to class. In BJJ I use videos to remind me of certain movements I might have forgotten after class but I also sometimes look for a few new things to try and...
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    Class Structure

    Rolling before class starts. Warm up, repping drills, move of the day, rolling
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    Any advantages to having a Karate, Kung Fu etc. background for BJJ beginners.

    As far as techniques go, no. As far as being relaxed while training, maybe. I trained TKD before BJJ and I had to learn to relax in TKD and relearn it with BJJ....different contexts I presume. If you have decent conditioning due to your prior MA training that will help....of course that could...
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    Applied for Michigan CPL Newaygo county

    And COL can stand for a Construction and Operating License for nuclear power plants but I though that a tad unlikely.....
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    How much training/hours/classes per week is optimal?

    Our classes are one hour. Most folks show up early and get 20-30 min of rolling in before class starts. Warm up really depends on the instructor, some are more focused on conditioning than others. After class it's open mat if you have not had enough yet. I usually manage to go twice a week for...
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    Applied for Michigan CPL Newaygo county

    Concealed pistol license, I assume
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    Question for the Judo folks

    I have been going down a Judo rabbit hole this weekend and watched some high level comp highlights from 2016/2017. The throwing I saw was absolutely phenomenal ( I did Judo ages ago) but I had a question about some of the fairly rare ground work stuff. Knowing that it was only highlights that I...
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    Last Person #5

    Yesterday's Open Mat roll was a good reminder why you shouldn't take off two weeks over the holidays from training...major suckthitude on my part and parts of my body are hurting today I never even knew I had.......
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    Bennefits of studying Judo?

    Well you learn grappling in stand up and on the ground, the latter not as much as BJJ but still useful. The benefits depend on what you want to learn.
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    Last Person #5

    Happy New Year MT, been awhile for awhile chasing airguns down a rabbit hole (or maybe squirrel tree hole). Hope everyone is doing well. Been lazy over the holidays but itching to go back to getting my @$$ whupped.
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    Getting into (or back into) martial arts in your mid-20's? Discuss!

    Started TKD at 42 and BJJ at 46
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    Last Person #5

    Last lecture of the semester......I'm so excited.......
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    Last Person #5

    Totaly agree, just not something I had really thought of....I'm a nerdy scientist not a first responder
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    Last Person #5

    yes, I interviewed an ER nurse for a market research study this week and asked her about her biggest challenges and priorities....her answer was to make sure herself and her colleagues and the patients are safe.......bit surprising I was sure helping the patient would have been first...
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    Last Person #5

    Happy Humpday.....oh wait......