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    A Weekend in the Life of an MMA Coach.

    I just posted a couple of "behind the scenes" from Invicta FC 24 and last weekend's EBI 12 The Female Flyweights! Glad you enjoy! You can find them here:
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    You guys ever try this?

    Cool little Knee on Belly attack sequence!
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    Gracie vs. Buchecha, 2017

    Haha! Sooo knew this was coming! Still haven't watched the whole match yet though.
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    Gracie vs. Buchecha, 2017

    Not so interested tbh. Roger is well past his prime imo. The old Roger vs Jacare days were the best!
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    Headlock and RNC discussion for Self Defense

    You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!
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    Mount escape

    I've always taught it as a table, if you knock two legs out on the same side of a table it will fall to that side! There are a few variations of the escape. As mentioned above, they mostly have to do with how to trap the arm i.e. overhook, pin to chest etc. There is actually a detail to trapping...
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    BJJ for the Street. Does it work?

    Hey guys! I Nancy is a BJJ Blue Belt, she's 5'0" and 102lbs. A couple of weeks ago, she found herself in a road rage incident where another larger female followed her in to the gym parking lot exited her car and "rushed" Nancy. Here she talks about using her training to subdue her attacker and...
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    A Weekend in the Life of an MMA Coach.

    Yes it's on Fight Pass. Gabby Romero is her name. We're (she) is fighting Miranda Maverick. Also be sure to catch Gabby in EBI at the end of the month also on Fight Pass!
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    A Weekend in the Life of an MMA Coach.

    Hey guys, 4 years ago, I left my position with the Federal Government after 18 years to teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and coach MMA full-time. A lot of people don't realize that teaching and coaching full-time consists of long days, long weeks and very little down time. It's a hustle for sure! I...
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    how many bjj gi's do you own?

    I have 10 but really only cycle about 5, and I train multiple classes 6 days a week.
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    Mauricio Gomes

    Mauricio Gomes, is a Black Belt under the late Rolls Gracie, he is also the father of Roger Gracie. So he has is directly tied to arguably the two best Jiu Jitsu players in the Gracie Family. Take that for what it's worth, hope it helps.
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    My buddy, Mathew Pollino Shares his 5 Basic Back Attacks for Beginners

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    Headlock and RNC discussion for Self Defense

    Thanks for the feedback! You're right, there are options for the RNC if you can't turn the headlock. I will be going over some of those in another video. I'm a big believer in getting to familiar ground, in this case the headlock and using what you know from there (for SD, headlock escapes...