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    How much training is enough?

    I try to train 6 days a week as long as my body can take it and I don't have so much studying to do.
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    To slap or not to slap?

    I don't slap...but then again the first place I learnt how to break fall was in pro wrestling. I couldn't find to much of a differents from slapping and not slapping. I could put my arms around myself, almost like me giving myself a hug, do a breakfall and still feel the same as if I put my...
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    Adaptability in your grappling

    A combo of both. Two of the teachers are bouncers so they know how most people fight in bars. They do teach some street valuable things but the main focus is on sport which is good for me because thats what I mostly use my grappling for.
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    What is your training challenge?

    My biggest challenge is tapping people out ;) Finding time to go to the gym...but I do go to a good gym with lots of classes thou out the day 7 days a week so I can be flexable with the times I train.
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    How long before a MMA fight do you take the gi off?

    I've heard a lot of people tell me that they train with a gi on all the time and only take it off a few weeks up to their MMA fight. I'm hopeing this doesn't go into a no gi vs gi debate. I'm just wondering how long people who train in gi's take them off before a fight or if they even take...
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    what do you do everyday?

    Play cardio soccer!!! I hate just running laps around a track so I play this game called cardio soccer where there is very little soccer technique involded but lots of running. Also if someone scores the other teams has to do laps around the gym and whole bunch of other rule that if broken...
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    Funny BJJ video

    I watched this video right before my BJJ class and I felt kind of werid after leaving my house to go there tonight ;)
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    Vic's vapor rub in the nose?

    I've seen pro wrestlers and boxers superglue there cuts closed, I'm sure thats not healthy either.
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    War is a normal part of centralized political systems. In uncentralized political systems (eg hunter and gathers) war happens a lot less. Where populations are small, food surplus absent, property owership minimal, and state organized doesn't exist, the likelihood of organized violence by one...
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    Any bad feelings after a fight?

    Thanks for the congratations! I fought on a card where it was all exhibition matches so this card didn't have that much hype as others do. As a result it was mostly friends and family of the fighters who heard of the card and came to the show. I thought it would be better to have my first fight...
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    Any bad feelings after a fight?

    I fought tonight in my first MMA match. When I looked at who I was fighting I knew I had to kept the match standing up because he was great on the ground. So for a week leading up to the fight I kept on saying to myself and everyone else who I talked to about the fight that it was going to end...
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    Kicking- High or Low?

    Low kicks, I love the cut kick. Great for breaking someone down. I like punches more so I want my kicks to be quick and low risk. I use a very simple method for my kicks, once of the few differents between the way I box and kickbox is simply that I throw the kick on the end of most of the...
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    Verbal lessons to defuse situtions?

    I worked as a bouncer for some time. Different situtions need different approaches. Sometimes listening to the person is all it takes for things not to get out of hand. Other times people are just looking for a fight. I've had people throw punches if I looked at them the wrong way. One thing...
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    Taking a break from Martial Arts

    I took a break from my dojo because well...I'm a broke student. Also because of me moving the travel time to get to the dojo would take a very long time. I never wanted to give up MA so I started searching for other schools closer to me. My roomate is friends with a BB so when we want to...
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    Ken Shamrock vs Bas Rutten

    Very cool way of getting into a knee bar. After that fight I believe Bas trained on that knee bar and tapped another guy out in a fight a short time later. I have a video of Bas teaching the same knee bar, it's a very good surpized move that relies a lot on speed.