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    Public Transportation

    I have no idea about how to use public transportation. I've only been on a bus twice with friends both times and I just recently went on a train for the first time with the same friends to Chinatown. I don't like to use it and if I didn't have my friends with me I would be clueless. I rely on...
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    My friend's fiance's sister is turning 10 the weekend before Halloween and it's a birthday/Halloween party and it's theme is pink. I DESPISE PINK! But I am expected to go even though I would rather go as a "Mmm Goth" ;) I think I will be dressed up as a pink witch. I was supposed to be a cop...
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    Question on jump roping and the results of it

    My apologies. "Skipping rope".
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    Question on jump roping and the results of it

    No that's fine. That's how I was thinking. I'm like oh my God why is he calling me out like this? I didn't know there was a proper way to jump rope. And I did originally think it was a cardio drill up until he called me out and made an example of me. (There was only four students in that...
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    Question on jump roping and the results of it

    Hmm ok thank you. I didn't see how my method could affect my sparring either.
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    How American Are You?

    35% and that was with my mom's help lol!
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    Flooring or Mat Question

    My previous dojo had carpet and my current dojang has one inch mats with a wooden floor underneath. Sometimes we would move the mats to condition our knuckles. I didn't like the carpet because I have four scars on my elbows due to rug burns from performing planks. I like the mats way better.
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    Question on jump roping and the results of it

    First I would like to apologize if this question was already addressed somewhere else. Last night one of my instructors wanted to have a jump roping drill which is perfectly fine with me because I know there are great benefits from doing it. But as I was jump roping he told everyone to stop...
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    Next Poster Game - 2.0

    lol actually it's Fiendlover not Friendlover even though I do love my friends. So I don't if you get this righht or not. ;) Terry
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    Next Poster Game - 2.0

    nope Jade Tigeress
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    some more opinions wanted

    I've taken Japanese karate for 5 years and Soo Bahk Do for over one so I have seen different things. In Soo Bahk Do everyone wears white uniforms from white belts to the master. Only the color of the collar is different depending on what colorr your rank is. In my Japanese karate everyone...
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    Ronnie James Dio

    That was so sad. He was playing at the first concert I've ever attended. Metal for the Masses 2008. The line-up was Testament, Motorhead, Heaven and Hell, and Judas Priest. I will never forget that concert and how well he did. Rip.
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    Comment by 'Fiendlover' in media 'Belt ceremony 9'

    thank you :)