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    Kenjutsu Seminar w/ Sasamori Soke Aug 8-9

    Updated info for those interested in attending this special seminar: =================================================== The venue for Sasamori Soke's seminar has been approved and we are pleased to announce that registrations can now be made online at the website link listed below. In...
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    Kenjutsu Seminar w/ Sasamori Soke Aug 8-9

    Thought I'd pass this on as this is a VERY special opportunity. The seminar is open to EVERYONE!! ========================================== On August 8th & 9th, 2008 we will be hosting a two day training seminar with Sasamori Takemi Soke, 17th headmaster of Ono Ha Itto Ryu. Sasamori...
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    To Bo-hi, or not to bo-hi?

    It depends. One can not just categorically lump all "Japanese Swords" together when it comes to questions of performance. But - historically speaking and even today with production katana or custom ones - you will find that the quality varies. In general the ability of a given blade to...
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    Iaido Organizations

    Bob, I think you meant "IaiDO" organizations! ;) You can add the Jikishin-Kai International headed up by Shimabukuro Masayuki, Hanshi, Hachidan Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Regards, Erik Tracy JKI
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    JSA Book List

    The 2nd edition of "Flashing Steel" is still being finalized now and you can place *pre-orders* for it now. It has updated photos and some of the text has been re-written (mostly the latter section dealing with the techniques). If you are primarily interested in the up-to-date version then...