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    Joint Locks

    I wasn't acusing you saying anything, just pointing most grappling systems use the same principles. For the record if it makes feel better I trained in Judo, Sport Jujitsu, traditional JJ & I have cross trained with a few Wing Chun & 5-animals kung-fu stylists who do practice Chin-Na. I've also...
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    Joint Locks

    To be honest grappling can employ gross motor skills but gross motor skill based SD is intended to be a foundation that gets built on turning gross motor skills, into fine motor skills and complex motor skills. Which is basicly were MA comes in...
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    Joint Locks

    Steve, Its not a BJJ thing, I've seen it in other systems like Traditional JJ and Sport Jujitsu and even kung-fu Chin Na. Take the idea of using a wrist lock as a control for a takedown or which is purpose of the wrist lock takedown. However, most basic wristlocks such as when pulling out...
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    Joint Locks

    Joint locks are effective within context & it should be noted that with some older and even more modern systems the idea of a joint lock is some much to "lock" the joint but to stress it to the point of destruction and then being used as a form of control. Good modern examples would LINE...
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    has anyone here trained with Sammy Franco?

    I did met some people who learned from him years ago, they kept talking about how "bad ***" they were so left.
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    Does your Art/System teach you to take the fight to the ground?

    Like to go to the ground, no but several different MAs I've learned all involved me fighting on the ground at some point even down to Shotokan which has very "limited" ground fighting. I think groundfighting was important before the UFC & even more important so with yahoo and wonnabe trying to...
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    How Well...

    Thats not an easy question to answer, remember there are different types of violence, for social violence any kind of contact fighting sport will prepare you to apply those techniques against another human being especially since social violence is a competition of sorts. Now criminal or...
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    Low or High Ranking Teachers

    Ranking is fluff, pure & simple. It exists to offer encouragement and while it makes a great guide it also seems to become a focus. Life is a lot like Dungeons & Dragons; experience is everything. People with little experience are fine for teaching people with none, but even I have trouble...
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    Martial Arts History

    Try the Sun Tzu II: The lost art of war by Cleary by Harper-Collins Press. Its the deep more detailed lessons record by Sun Tzu's protoge Sun Bin
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    The right Martial Art

    Except that the Tao/-Do symbol is the exact same symbol and refers to "specific philosophical docturine" i.e. the difference between being translated as THE WAY as opposed to "a way" as opposed to houkou (direction) or jutsu (art). You pretty much proved what I said about Judo by "less...
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    The right Martial Art

    Well Chris the term -Do is Japanese for Tao. Zen (Chen in Chinese) Buddhist philosophy and Taoist (Doist) philosophy is very similar as well as Zen/Chen Buddhism was influenced by Taoist thought. There are many splinter forms of judo, Olympic/Sport Judo for example often focuses on competition...
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    The right Martial Art

    There is a slight difference between judo & Jujutsu, in that Budo & Bujutsu are different in goals. Kano wanted Judo to be a means of teaching a philosophical frame of thought (Zen like Taoist Philosophy) the term -Do is a obscure meaning of "Way" better translated as "Way to enlightenment" that...
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    is it possible that theres still old school ninja clans

    Chris, here is the problem. a) Takamatsu has no proof that Toda even existed and that kills the lineage of the 3 ninjutsu ryu-ha orgionally claimed as such by the Bujinkan. b) Yes, it is often quoted that Takamatsu's friend said he created the togakure ryu system from "childhood ninja games"...
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    The best place to become a warrior?

    Joined the USMC right out of highschool in 98, turn 18 on Paris Island and went US Army in 01 ETSed in 05 (3 year contract with an 18 month stop loss to got to Iraq) with 1/503 Air assault. Went Infantry both times & after ETS went reserve MP till 08 I got general discharge for beating some LEOs...
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    The best place to become a warrior?

    Hey, Bill hate to tell you this but Marines are not Special Forces thats a BS recruiter claim. Special Forces refers to a specific military field intelligence & light infantry units. MARSOC didn't exist until 2005 & Special Forces (what civilians call "Green Barrets") has been the domain of SOC...