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    My silliest reason for missing class was........

    Painting a unicorn [with shaving cream] on an airplane.
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    Please help to understand

    The thing to consider is that Taekwondo is an evolving art. It started as both folk practitioners AND military combat- both of which had different styles and techniques. These styles diversified and grew over the years, and eventually in 1955 became known as Taekwondo [and not 3+ other names]...
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    Martial Arts Scholarships?

    Basically! There are tons of scholarships on generic websites for people of different nationalities, with different affiliations, and different capabilities. When you go to look for martial arts related scholarships there aren't many to choose from that I've found.
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    Martial Arts Scholarships?

    As far as scholarships I want to personally apply to, none are quite accurate. I am looking for scholarships that go to general university expense.
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    Useful tips for those starting out in Judo/Jujutsu...

    Dirty Dog- yes, I am. It is a part of my university major and while it has been very informative and fun to learn so far, when I return to the U.S. I don't want to get terms mixed up if I end up in a Japanese term using school.
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    Useful tips for those starting out in Judo/Jujutsu...

    I am learning Judo! Buuuuuuuuuut all the terms are in Korean. Does anyone have a good pointer for where to look for technique names and so forth in Japanese?
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    Martial Arts Scholarships?

    Thanks everyone! I am looking both as a general concept for martial arts study [to help my students] and for myself. I plan on transfering to a university back in the States and I'm going to be broke broke broke when I get there, haha.
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    LGBTQA members?

    Encouraging to hear :] Jenna! I apologize but on my gym's computer I can't use the quote function. My experiences vary. Overall, the majority of in class experiences I and other friends and contacts have had has been positive! However there at one time were some issues behind the scenes at an...
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    Martial Arts Scholarships?

    Does anyone know of any martial arts scholarships? I've seen the one posted by the BLF [Bruce Lee Foundation]. While it is vague on the qualifications on the site, there seems to be little else aside from miscellaneous martial arts organizations [of which you have to be a member of]. Any input...
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    LGBTQA members?

    I have been trying to look into any data regarding the issue. At Taekwondowon, they document things like exemplary disabled martial artists, women in martial arts and so on. Doing a generic google search will give you a queer affiliated martial arts organization that does not appear to be...
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    hi! hope your day is going well.

    hi! hope your day is going well.
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    LGBTQA members?

    I am interested in your experiences in martial arts. Were they positive? Do you have any defining memories of your time in martial arts? Have you had any issues in your school based on orientation or preference?
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    More or less Korean terminology?

    ah heck. kukkiwon standardizing their terms is nice- my old textbook has all of their fun twenty mile long specific names. here at my school in korea they keep terms as simple as possible, especially for the kids. while i've heard a bunch of variations between terms, they all have the same root...
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    The logic behind the placement of kihaps in Taegeuk forms

    folks yelling "kihap" is the best. it's literal translation is " YELL ". grab that for some irony. although over here i've heard some hilarious kihaps that english speakers would never dare utter during a class.
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    Stretching advise

    The above posts are great for learning how to stretch. When I learned I would personally do warmups, then stretching, my workout, and THEN major flexibility stretch work. The longer you hold a position the better. It is okay to have only a 95 degree split stretch /as long as your legs are...