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    Dog euthanized to be buried with owner

    Maybe you dont know the full story. A similar thing happened with my grandfather. He knew he was dying and begged the family to put his dog to sleep and bury it with him when he went. The family didnt do it because the dog was only 7 and in good health. After my grandfather died, despite the...
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    Banned MA VW commercial

    This has always been one of my favourites
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    Britains First Female MMA Referee

    "Great Job!!" I agree, that was a tiny ring!
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    Australian Bushfire Victims

    The deathtoll is still rising, many fires are still burning. today the authorities are saying there may be over 200 dead.,25197,25027772-601,00.html It is heartrenching to watch the TV, hearing peoples stories, words cant express the sorrow we feel...
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    Postmaster General: Mail days may need to be cut

    You get mail on a Saturday??? Ours is strictly week days only!!! Sometimes i feel like we are living in the dark ages here in Aus.:)
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    The book of five rings

    Can anyone tell me which is the correct translation please?
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    Jett Travolta dies at 16.

    The fact is, that a loving family has lost a son, and that is just so sad. I feel for them .
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    The book of five rings

    I dont have a copy of the book ,But I have a question about the different translations out there. I was always taught as per this first link, that "There is also timing in the Void. "(from the ground book) I have since found this translation, that states...
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    Wow, aptly named fight of the week!

    Wow, some amazing escapes there, they both have great flexibilty and a very high pain threshold. Did I hear right? one of them was hit by a car and almost had to have his arm amputated? then to come back and do this!!
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    Now that's cold -63C

    I cant even begin to imagine living somewhere so cold!!
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    Strange, never before asked question

    The thing I hate though is when you have someone in your guard and they start dripping sweat in your face:barf:
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    Strange, never before asked question

    So long as you have a shower before class and wear a clean gi, what is wrong with the smell of good healthy clean sweat!!. I dont find it as offensive as the smell of someone who uses too much strong smelling deoderant and gives everyone in the dojo a headache from the smell. And it is...
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    It happened in England, could it happen here?

    Snakes out here are way too deadly to try that trick, and the buggers are lightening fast.
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    It happened in England, could it happen here?

    If you believe the media, yes that is the impression we get here in Australia !!:)
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    It happened in England, could it happen here?

    Kangaroos, rabbits, goats, wild pigs. We also have a vermin problem with wild dogs, foxes, and feral cats.