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    Few days ago went to martial arts reunion. We ate at a few restaurants. As someone who grew up in a small redneck town, you don't see many asian restaurants. We ate at a few within the few days we were at the reunion. Looking at the menu was downright scary. I felt more confused than an old...
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    Was helping a friend clean his attic. Saw this weird looking box thingy. The heck is this mess? His dad recognized it as an eight track tape! Even let me keep it! I have no use for it as I have nothing to play it on, but hot damn! I own an ancient artifact now. From some lost forgotten...
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    That's what the rokushakubo(6 ft staff) is for.
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    I've been hit by the blue shell more than a few times so I know the feeling. It's funny when you cross the finish line then get hit with the blue shell anyways.
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    I doubt this is the racing game your looking for, but my favorite racing game is Mario Kart 8. I enjoy the game cause it's a pretty simple game. Even my mom will join in. It's always fun to play with friends/family.
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    It's just really shiny. Its reflection.
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    I got a new jian for martial arts class.
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    Elite female judo vs untrained male

    If somebody told me they were an 'elite judo fighter', I'd assume they were exaggerating. Is that slang for black belt? I can't imagine a black belt calling themselves 'Elite'. That sounds like something an orange belt who joined martial arts four months ago, regularly watches UFC/kung fu...
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    Is getting hit to the head over and over can be dangerous?

    I don't know anyone who got a concussion in martial arts but back in highschool someone in my class got three concussions(throughout the course of 5 years). After the third they wouldn't let him play football anymore, and he mostly just gave out water and stuff his senior year. On the surface...
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    Raw egg yoke?
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    "Money buys Freedom but not always happiness?"

    Money buys my happiness. I pay bills and have loved the air conditioner throughout summer so far. The hole in my wallet leaves a sour taste in my mouth but the pros outweigh the cons. Money covers monthly martial arts fees. Happy times indeed. Buying weapons for martial arts never fails to put...
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    I kinda like Turkey bacon. It lacks the crunch you get in pork bacon but I've bought and cooked Turkey bacon and didn't regret it. A lot less greace too meaning I don't get popped as much! I've also noticed Turkey bacon doesn't shrivel up as much. Maple turkey bacon is A-okay! :D
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    MUSIC THREAD - What you listen to............

    What I'm listening to right now...
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    Three Word Story v2

    Why so glum