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    Every day in every way my American Ch繳an-Fa is getting better and better

    Every day in every way my American Ch繳an-Fa is getting better and better
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    Any Kenpo in Guam??

    Thanks for the replies!! Guam is a beautiful place to be. Fairly happy I wasn`t training with the locals - nice people but they are built! Back in Japan now - need to get more practice in. Cheers Dom :-)
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    Any Kenpo in Guam??

    Hello all I`m off tomorrow to Guam for a weeks holiday. If you know any kenpo schools on the Island please let me know. Cheers Dominic
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    step thru punch defence

    Originally Posted by Drag'n 1.5h hours by shinkansen (bullet train) its possible to get a cheap weekend return ticket (including hotel) for 20,000yen. By bike follow the Tohoku Expressway northwards its about 460km. Sendai is next to Matsushima- regarded as one of the three most...
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    step thru punch defence

    Hi Drag'n said Sendai is a cool city only 1.5hrs north of Tokyo, come up anytime and train. As well as running a Kenpo Club i also own a bar :) Cheers Dom :asian: PS. Thanks Jonah for remembering me :)
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    Contacting John Stevens in Sendai, Japan

    Hi All I live in Sendai Japan and would like to contact John Stevens-respected Aikido Instructor I believe. Can anybody point the way to his website or email or postal address. thank you Dominic Jones :asian:
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    famous stories of Samurai

    Hi all I am interested in reading stories of famous samurai. For example: the 47 Ronin Please tell me of links you have to online stories/articles. cheers Dominic :asian:
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    Thrusting Inward Blocks

    Doc could you expand on what the proper context for a thrusting inward block is. Thank you. Could it be when the thrusting block to the arm continues into a thrust punch to the head as in the tecnique DARTING MACE - or do you still use a hammering inward block and then graft into the...
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    Q an A

    Thanks for the swift and knowledgable response GD. It was the first time for me to see the code with an attached description. Very cool. Do you have all of the freestyle techniques written out? Cheers Dom Sendai Kenpo :asian:
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    Q an A

    Hi GD I was looking through the freestyle techniques and got stumped on this one. Can you crack this code for me? BPTDH Using the codes I know: B is the base move P is a punch T,D or TD is unknown?? :idunno: H is a palm heel Also could you check my understanding of the...
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    Why is EPAK so hard to find in England???

    Hi Simon As Johah said, i have tried to ID most of the Kenpo clubs in England and Wales (over 70 clubs). You are right in saying that they are concentrated towards the South West of England, since that`s where Kenpo first arrived (Swindon in 1966...I believe). However there are Kenpo clubs...
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    Psychology of Confrontation Theory

    Hi All I`ve finally got round to posting my thoughts on the 5 books I recommened. I`ll start in reverse order: The Gift of Fear by Gavin be Becker - A review by Dominic Jones This book (ISBN: 0440226198) is primarily aimed at women wanting to avoid being the target of violent...
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    current EPAK instructors

    To all students and Instructors I teach American Kenpo Karate (24 techniques per level) to a small club based in Japan. I have about 12 students at the moment who train once or twice a week. There are no private lessons outside of the class. The joy and curse of kenpo is the amount of...
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    Group or Private Classes

    Hi all I was wondering how different clubs organise their training sessions in different parts of the world? Private class, seperate grade level group class, Beginner/Intermediate/Senior group Class, multi grade group class- I wanted to make a poll but couldn`t find the button :-( I...
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    Psychology of Confrontation Theory

    I'm off on holiday for a few days. I'll follow up with my thoughts on the first five references; directly (as they say in Cornwall). Interesting so far... Cheer Dom :asian: