Dominic Jones

Sendai Kenpo (隞袁ENPO) is a small friendly self defense club that was founded in 2000 in Sendai, Japan by Dominic Jones. It teaches logical self defense applications in a humane, reasonable, legal and ethical manner based on the martial science principles of Dr Ron Chap矇l and Senior Grand Master Edmund K Parker. Sendai Kenpo students increase their knowledge about how violent crime happens. Informed by the writings of Marc MacYoung, Rory Miller, Geoff Thompson, George Thompson to name but four. The goal is to gain knowledge, skills and awareness to increases the opportunity for avoidance, de-escalation and survival of potentially violent situations.

Instructor background: In 1989 Dominic started self defense training in American Kenpo Karate in Exeter, England with the British Kenpo Karate Union under Grand Master Bob Rose. When he stopped training with the BKKU in 2013 he was a Fourth Degree Black Belt under Mr Kevin Mills studying both American Kenpo Karate and Martial Science. Since 2010 he has concentrated on Martial Science by studying American Ch繳an Fa under Dr Ron Chap矇l of the Martial Science University based in Los Angeles, USA. He has a Third Degree Black Belt in American Tactical Chu獺n-Fa. By day he is a university Professor teaching English and researching education, NLP and the Martial Science of self-defense.
Sendai City, Japan


Logical Fighting System - EPAK



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