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    Putting the black belt on a pedestal

    The belt I tend to notice is the tattered grey belt. To me it denotes someone who has been active for many years. Individual abilities and school criteria aside, such dedication to training over the years is worthy of respect.
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    What Is a Kata

    My introduction to kata was in Tang Soo Do (so properly I guess I should refer to it as Hyung) when I started in the 1970's. The explanation was the fairly traditional history of having a practice method that could be utilized solo and in secret. The explanations of techniques were rather...
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    Coming Back to Martial Arts Training After Serious Injury

    Great article, I would only add that this advice applies equally to serious illness, and the older you get, the longer any recovery seems to take. So be kind to yourself and don't rush it. When recovery is not going to be complete, remember that every art has an individual component and...
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    Would you attend a benefit seminar north of Boston?

    Boston is about a 2 day trip. Depending on the date and my circumstances, I would be interested. If I can't make it, I'd still like to contribute. Please keep me posted.
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    Favorite Bands/Musicians (Top 10)

    In no particular order: Tommy Emanuel The Rolling Stones Simon and Garfunkle Brandi Carlile Blood Sweat and Tears Eric Clapton John Mayer BB King The Eagles Robert Cray
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    help - Getting a person to see the value of promoting my *FREE* class

    That is a very reasonable approach. As is joining other local organizations that you may be eligible for. Would you qualify for Chamber, Rotary or other service organizations? This could put you in touch with other local leaders and increase your influence. In another approach, the master...
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    When the unthinkable strikes your school

    When you consider the many things that martial artists are not. I guess omnipotent and omniscient are near the top of the list. So, it's reasonable to withhold teaching things to someone who is obviously a danger to others. But, barring any clues that this is so, I don't think an instructor...
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    Write a letter to Vladimir Putin (four words at a time)

    , you political hack/whore
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    FMAT: punyo question

    As I've only trained in a style that uses the punyo, I guess I'm limited to discussing the pros as I see them. The punyo allows me some measure of hooking, much like I could use an empty hand to grasp. In addition, I like the ability to fight in close with short strikes that the punyo provides.
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    remaining calm, with a clear mind, when engaged in stressful confrontation/activity

    We all have our individual thresholds to respond something that causes stress. We also have varying levels of empathic response; the tendency to feel and internalize the emotions of someone we are interacting with. It is helpful if you can learn to recognize when you are reacting to someone...
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    Martial Artists with Depression

    While most of us face a number of stressful situations on any given day. That does not constitute clinical depression. Clinical depression is a medical condition that results in depressed mood, physical symptoms and ideas of self loathing, hopelessness and helplessness. It also carries a 10%...
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    Just how dangerous is that bully?

    As I have talked to friends in martial arts, the number of us who were bullies when young has impressed me. I don't know if it is really different that the general population, but many of us still have some level of visceral reaction to being bullied. So even though our average "school yard"...
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    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    Anna Karenina
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    Last Person Thread #4

    We're gonna see some big floods this spring.