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    Modern Warfare 3... the Ultimate Ultra Realism in Gaming

    Thanks, I really needed that. Inside, I died laughing. Reminds me of what I do in the army all day, too.
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    FREE TKD lessons For Kanye West!

    An apology should also be a promise to learn from that mistake, and to make one's utmost effort never to repeat mistakes of that level of stupidity and obnoxiousness again... Unless, of course, said apology was just hollow lip service, made only for personal benefit, in the form of repercussion...
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    Chalk up one for poomse applications!

    There's this book out there, "Taekwondo Grappling Techniques" by Tony Kemerly and Steve Snyder. They show grappling-oriented applications of ITF tuls, may be worth a look. Possibly picking a particular application for a technique that could be used against a rather common method of assault...
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    Pressure Points in Karate

    Pardon my butting in, but from this book I read, "The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting" by Vince Morris, pressure points are basically physiologically critical points of human anatomy. To what I know, in this case, for a "knife hand to the neck", one could aim at the general neck area and...
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    Self Defense Tips

    I'd personally think "self-defense" goes beyond just getting out of a physical confrontation. Conflict prevention/avoidance would most definitely be much better and safer than conflict resolution, no? Conflict prevention would include stuff like not engaging in high-risk behaviour, knowing the...
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    Auto-targeting of critical points

    Whoa. Thanks for all the great and insightful advice so far. I guess I better stay away from martial sports then, heh. More specifically, my concern is that, in the heat of the moment and when the situation becomes such that I think I gotta end it NOW, most likely 'cos I no longer have control...
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    Auto-targeting of critical points

    I don't know if anyone else has this habit/problem, so I thought I'd share. Whenever I visualise a confrontation scenario, or am actually facing an opponent, I find myself automatically mentally targeting only the vital "fight stopper" targets, e.g. throat, groin, various joints, etc. My...
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    Short Flat Walk

    Based on the above descriptions, I suppose really rough ground or ground with random debris would be quite disruptive to this movement technique? It sounds like the rear foot is always being dragged... High friction between sole of rear foot/shoe and ground would be quite detrimental, no?
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    Non injurious, humane self defense?

    I agree with what was earlier said by K831, that "Any attacker you can stop by giving a bruise was probably not a real threat in the first place". An angry guy who just happened to vent on you, and whom you managed to talk into calming down, isn't really a threat. A criminal, say, threatening...
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    Any kettlebell users

    girlbug2: there's a certain technique to doing snatches with the flip, without banging the bell on your wrists. Youtube has plenty videos on how to do this, it basically involves a snappy pull and punch through, e.g. here. If I'm not wrong, there's a way to do snatches without the flip. Tez3...
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    Zombie Swine Flu? Uh-oh, where's my shotgun?

    Heh, well, don't zombies always attack in hordes? Still, I stay in a densely populated area. We got flamethrowers for that. :flame:
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    Is self defense war?

    My 2 cents' worth: Using the 2 scenarios you gave above, this is the difference I see: On the battlefield, as a soldier, it is your duty to kill the enemy, because he is, as a part of a larger aggressor force, trying to do whatever to your country's sovereignty or something along those lines...
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    Zombie Swine Flu? Uh-oh, where's my shotgun?

    No way only 4 shells are gonna be enough...
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    Training The Military

    In my country, our army has a group of dedicated close combat instructors (CCIs) who get their vocation after a selection process. Since our biggest national martial art organisation is (sport) taekwondo, 2nd gup and above Kukkiwon TKD practitioners get much higher priority. Once posted to...
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    Site Crash 8-25-2009 - Data Lost.

    Murphy strikes again. All the best in fixing the problem. I feel your pain.