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    Swollen knee

    Rest!!! Ice, compression, and some type of anti-inflammation drug to help with the swelling & pain. The main thing to focus on is healing.
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    One small step closer...

    Awesome!! Looking good. Now keep it going!
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    I'm nervous about starting doing Taekwondo.

    Good job! Now keep it up. Give yourself a goal to reach for.
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    One small step closer...

    Awesome!!! We are excited with and for you too!!
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    One small step closer...

    Good job! Keep it up!
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    EDC, rethinking options it. Carpet installation. Yeah, lots of kneeling, crawling, heavy lift. Shoulder & chest holsters would just get in the way. You get hot & sweaty and you really dont want that much heat trapping gear on you. Id hate to suggest it but what about some type of drop holster that secured to...
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    EDC, rethinking options

    What kind of work are you doing specifically? Are you having to stoop, climb ladders, reach into small enclosed spaces? Dealing with extra equipment like a tool belt? Depending on what your are doing and where your center of gravity is. You might want to reconsider carrying at your waist level.
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    EDC, rethinking options

    Carrying on your person is usually the best option in terms of maintaining control of your weapon. There are many options available from total concealment to open carry. Theres are covered/sealed holsters that do not look like holsters from the traditional viewpoint. Its all up to the...
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    Hello from Carlisle, England

    Hello & welcome! Disability or not, the challenge is for you & you alone to overcome through adaptation. Be smart, train at the appropriate pace for you. Best of luck!
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    Hello from the Rocky Mts

    Hello & welcome Davy! Very interesting...keep it up.
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    Hello & welcome Joey!
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    Kick Here

    Hello & welcome Kick!
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    Starting Martial Arts After 50

    Im not too far in age from you, (turning 49 this month). The challenge at this point is keeping consistent with your training while juggling your daily life/work activities. Good job! Finding the right training partner is a major obstacle since many either want to push you too hard or dont...
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    Hello & welcome! Dont give up just yet.
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    Hello & welcome!