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    In a bizarre twist, judge who shot/killed burglar sentences man who shot/killed burglar...

    At least in Texas there is a section on defense of OTHERS life or property. In this case the attacker ran toward a female friend who, I presume, felt her life was in danger. Teaching CHL classes does give you some idea of the laws, at least in Texas. 9.33. DEFENSE OF THIRD PERSON 9.33...
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    In a bizarre twist, judge who shot/killed burglar sentences man who shot/killed burglar...

    Thank God I live in Texas with the Castle Doctrine! Deaf
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    Check under your car carefully.

    I understand if you don't want your cell phone to give your location all you have to do is take the batteries out until you want to make a phone call. Of course if you are expecting a call... Deaf
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    300 RPM Shotgun?

    Aw guys, you don't see the real applications for this shotgun. Imagine your car, with four of these under the hood. All loaded with Brenneke 'Black Magic' 600 grain 3 inch shotgun slugs (1500 fps!!) Like having 4 20mm cannon! Zombie car in front of you? No problem! Deaf
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    Hand To Hand Firearms

    I know SN well Ken! Now there is also the old Lindel Method of handgun retention (I used to own the origional book AND DVD of this method till I loaned it to some cops and never got them back! Same thing happened to 'The Red Zone' but with different cops. Here is some of the things you can...
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    Knife Attack (graphic)

    In the first video I'll say the guy behind the counter, once he saw the other guy get his throat cut should have grabbed the chair and used it as a shield (if not get the gun.) Thing about self defense is many people just cannot believe their eyes when they see something like this happen in...
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    Gun Disarms

    Gun disarms are ok, but it takes a fool to get that close to you. What is more, multiple attackers are more common now. There may be TWO armed men..... or more. Just learn a few simple gun disarms and get very good with them. And then get your own gun and master it! For there is no one...
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    On Not Being Invincible

    This just goes to show you that you can be a combination John Wesley Hardin and Bruce Lee and still get killed before you even know it. All you have to do is have your mind somewhere else for a split second. Just drop your guard for a moment. You guys know Bruce Lee once said, when asked...
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    A Primer on Situational Awareness

    The primer is ok. But the ideas of a color code system have been around along time. Jeff Cooper popularized one. As it says on Frog's website: "He further simplified things in Vol 13 #7 of his Commentaries." "In White you are unprepared and unready...
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    But...Couldn't You Really Hurt Them?

    Have you guys ever seen the show, 'My Name is Trinity'? Well in it a bunch of bandits harass pacifistic Mormons, but with Trinity and his brother, Bambino, there helping them. The bandit chief lines up all the men and then slaps them in the face, one by one. Each Mormon accepts the slap...
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    The only laser I want on MY gun is a one MEGAWATT laser. And then it will be THE gun. I do have a softair Glock 26 I converted to 'fire' a laser. Superglued the laser to the barrel after taking out the internal parts, and then snaked the pressure swith under the trigger. Yes every pull of...
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    But...Couldn't You Really Hurt Them?

    Who is this 'we' Kemosabe? For you see I lean toward Jack Bauer’s point of view. But as a few here have pointed out, yes 'social conditioning' is why. The Walt Disney/Three's Company/Mayberry RFD crowd have made this possible. The catch is the only ones being 'conditioned' are the people...
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    Billions wasted in Iraq

    It's called governments Tez, governments. THEY take the money and not much gets to where it is supposed to. Now if insulting a government makes me a bigot, well so be it. Deaf
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    Billions wasted in Iraq

    Bill, Unfortunately we have to deal with other governments to get money to help those in ANY country. Name one country that does not rip us off? We have aid to Israel (and some if it gets ripped off), any third world country in Africa or South America (and they rip off a lot!) Caribbean...
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    Some daily carry options of mine!

    That says it all. Except maybe those who have physical problems where they cannot really use anything else as for firearms. Say those with severe arthritis or neurological disorders. Then maybe a tip up Berreta 21 in .22 might be a good bet. But for the rest of us, yes pick a more serious...