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    Common mistakes and problems in running a school

    Not in our area . . . at least not in any numbers. What you tend to get is 100% dedication out of ONE young male, but that doesn't pay the bills. Lots will START an MMA class, but when they realize how much work it is, they drop. Some won't start a "traditional" martial art because they...
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    Good brand for the 9mm

    For years, I was a member of the .45 ACP cult and cursed the 9mm for being underpowered. In truth, the bullets were underdesigned. While we were complaining, advancements in bullet design have turned the 9mm into a fine round. If you look at bullet performance of the newer designs...
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    So how much does the military teach a person about guns?

    Sorry I’m late on this. To better address the point you’re making, may I change the terminology a bit? Let’s go from “learn about guns” to “train in combat shooting”. That’s probably what you mean, but if I’m wrong, I apologize. If one...
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    white gi vs black gi

    At our school, everyone wears black till they reach black belt. At that time, mixing white and black or wearing white is permitted. Actually, at black belt level, our rule is almost any color as long as it's "tasteful".
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    Hollywood Gun Myths... Debunked.

    Right, hence the term "AP". Typically, those are steel case / steel core bullets instead of steel case / lead core. The rounds aren't more powerful, per se, they're just "harder". They don't deform and maintain their shape better for penetration. Tungsten and similar components are also used...
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    Hollywood Gun Myths... Debunked.

    Some level IV and most level V I've seen tested will stop them and without trauma plates. Now, these aren't "under the t-shirt" type vests, of course. These are big, bulky, and heavy pieces that ADA guys would normally wear. A variant of "dragonskin" can defeat a direct shot from an M-67...
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    Common mistakes and problems in running a school

    COME TO LIFE ZOMBIE THREAD! LOL! Okay, I just opened a school three months ago after teaching at other schools for over a decade. Here's some quick tips. Don't let a vocal minority drive your class. Have a firm and posted set of requirements for belt promotion The student is the CUSTOMER...
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    Hollywood Gun Myths... Debunked.

    Excellent points all. One thing that should be said about bullet resistant armor has been touched on somewhat, but maybe a little expansion is due. Depending upon the type of armor one has on, getting hit with something like a 9mm may feel anywhere between a punch or a tap. There is lots of...
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    New Kenpo School

    About three months ago we opened Milan Kenpo Karate in Milan, Tennessee. If any of you guys are in the West Tennessee area, please come by and see us! We are a member of the Tracy organization, and we teach Tracy Kenpo. Thanks! -Dave
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    What kind of kenpo?

    Mainly Tracy Karate since the late 80's. I've also studied with the Southeastern Kenpo-JuJitsu Brotherhood for some time, and they are an excellent collection of ladies and gentlemen . . . and skilled fighters standing or on the ground. Our Tracy school and the Southeastern "braddas" are...
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    I hope my post was helpful. For what it's worth, if you want to call Sensei Green and mention...

    I hope my post was helpful. For what it's worth, if you want to call Sensei Green and mention the name Durden, I'm sure he'll "claim" me . . . in some shape, form, or fashion! LOL! For what it's worth, and this can be just for trivia, Sensei Green IS, to some degree, associated with Al...
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    Achieved shodan for Kajukenbo in 86

    Sorry, but I found this thread a little late. Here's a "for what it's worth". I trained under Jim Green from the '89-'90 timeframe till the '96-'97 timeframe. Up to my first black belt, no mention of anything other than Kenpo and some Shorin-Ryu was discussed. We learned SOME Aikido to...