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    My new toy . . .

    Talking about 40 cal has anybody had a chance to shoot Springfield XDM 40 cal ? I am considering getting one with 4" barrel most of the people I know are Glock fans. So what do you all think of Springfield XD and the XDM?
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    Anybody heard of this guy?

    Michael, I believe he is in CA. Check with Ted Sumner or GM Al Tracy. I also found this link: same guy?! Good Luck!
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    Joe Lewis

    Danjo since you just love to stir the pot I have some "info"! The vid clip you mention, I performed with power and commitment, the cartridge was given back to the person who filmed the series of self defense techniques and Short Form I. Unfortunately your limited background in Tracy's circa 1966...
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    Joe Lewis

    First and foremost I was addressing the notion that Al Dacascos was brought in to help Al Tracy (forms etc.) Second Joe Lewis was hired to help the Tracy org. form a national "fighting team". However Al Dacascos, in fact, operated Tracy franchises around the Denver, CO he never worked for the...
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    Joe Lewis

    Al Dacascos did not teach Tracy's any forms! The Tracy System then as well as now will incorporate those techniques that will enchance the system. As a side note Al Dacascos is a friend of Al Tracy but did not teach Al Tracy any forms.
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    The Early Years

    I started back in 1961. Classes were tough a lot of basics proper position, low center of gravity and conditioning. Makiwara training, sparring and multiple attack scenerios. Protective equipment was basic cup and supporter. Shin protection was done by wearing elastic stockings with a piece of...
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    Why Don't Many of Kenpo's "Top Guns" Spar?

    Doc, Sometimes I swear we are on the same page! How true sparring is not fighting! Posturing is a beating waiting to happen. My initial teaching on fighting is targeting and attack not waiting. I guess I am too old for "games".
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    Gathering of Eagle's 2007

    KenpoJoe, Just wanted to Hi! GOEIII was great and the "Irish" added a great element to the event!
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    Gathering of Eagle's 2007

    Tigdra, Sorry you did not walk away with anything! There were many excellent seminars such as Mills Crenshaw Kenpo Karate (early days in Utah), Ted Sumner's, Roger Greene's, George Lim etc. (including my own sessions).
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    Tiger and Crane form into Kenpo when?

    Michael, Please have Ted Sumner explain to you the origin of our Tiger & Crane form and Bookset. Have a great day!
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    Gathering of Eagle's 2007

    It has been 6 years since the last GOE! The GOE III this year is very important many of the old timers are anxious to share their knowledge. The Seniors are not getting any younger so this is an important event.
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    Does your multivitamin contain lead???

    I, too am very skeptical of supplements! After alot of research I have found a product that is high quality and seems to help the martial arts practitioner tissue repair and energy levels. I am an advocate: check it out!
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    What forms do you have?

    Well, I am more fundamental in Tracy System. To me more is not necessarily better. That being said, I teach and advocate the following: Short 1, Long 1, Short 2, Long 2, Short 3, Long 3, Long 4, Mass Attack, Panther Set, Tiger Set (I do not teach Crane), Finger Set, 5 Cuts, Darkroom Staff...
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    Who's Who in Tracy Kenpo?

    An interesting question really! I believe the hierarchy of Tracy's Kenpo is hard to answer, of course GM Al Tracy is undisputed "TOP". Now the subjective part, like indicated by Jim Hanna, Mr. Ted Sumner is the most knowledgable curricullum wise then you add the Healing Art - Chotaifuku. He is...
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    Al Tracy's rank under Ed Parker?

    Mr. Parsons, I have heard the "brown belt" nonsense for to many years! It seems to keep resurfacing for those who do not know the relationship between Al, Jim Tracy & Ed Parker. Please your facts straight - thank you.