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    white gi vs black gi

    I like wearing black cuz I'm dirty and evil.
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    Goodwill or Devaluing of the Art?

    The more one charges, the more the "Customers" will come to expect. They will expect to be promoted (or have their kids promoted) at a certain pace. Try to fail a student in a test when they have paid a lot of money for the testing fee and see what happens. They will expect to be treated like...
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    Lack Of Power In Techniques

    One fights how one trains. If there is no contact in training, there will be none in a fight. I agree with Rob, that one has to remember the difference between technique practice and sparring. In technique practice, one should contact enough to get used to it and to toughen up the uke/dummy, but...
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    Bob White Invitational 2011 - Report/experiences

    A great event as always! It was really good to see everyone and meet others like Chris. There was even one good looking fellow I had to get a picture with if anyone can ID him for me (kidding):
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    Anyone heard of GM Adrian Roman?

    Well, ghostface, thanks for giving us your impressions of Roman. Cool sounding name of that martial art Falamich. Whatever that means. Does he sell rank in that the same way he does Kenpo? One thing I'm pretty sure of is that he didn't mail order his belt from Parker, so I'm not sure why...
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    Kajukenbo Trademark

    I think the point is that it's only one person, i.e., Dechi, that is filing the trademark request for the logo that we all use (which was designed by Al Dacascos if I'm not mistaken). "They" are not trademarking it, she is.
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    Kajukenbo Trademark

    Here's what you find: Thank you for your request. Here are the latest results from the TARR web server. This page was generated by the TARR system on 2010-12-04 18:45:08 ET Serial Number: 85128654 Assignment Information Trademark Document Retrieval Registration Number: (NOT...
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    Where Is the "Ohana" In Kenpo?

    Well, when I was at Bob White's tournement this year, there was a great deal of that Ohana spirit amongst the Kenpo and Kajukenbo crowd. I saw many from various schools mixing and talking and laughing with each other and it reminded me very much of a Kaju gathering.
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    Where Is the "Ohana" In Kenpo?

    All families fight at times. The important thing with Kajukenbo is that we START from the family perspective. We see ourselves as family first and foremost. The differences in organizations and branches and methods are seen as personal choices rather than as things that divide us. Like I said...
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    I Don't Understand How ...

    I'm not suggesting that one would never be able to advance in rank again if they left their original instructor. I'm saying that they would have to stay under their new instructor for a couple of years before being promoted by him/her. In other words, you don't get rank from someone that never...
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    I Don't Understand How ...

    I'm going to disagree. 1. If you didn't get the rank from someone that you trained with to that rank, then it's cross-ranking. In other words: If you get rank from someone other than your instructor, it's cross-ranking unless permission is given by your instructor to do so. 2. I agree on...
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    I Don't Understand How ...

    I'm more tolerant of it too. I don't like it, but if someone actually learned the art that they hold rank in before they were given the rank, that's far better than getting the rank without learning it first. Rank chasing is more of a protocol breach than anything else. They should stay...
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    I Don't Understand How ...

    Cross ranked people don't even get me to call them by the title they claim. I simply won't do it. Rank grubbers and rank chasers are bad enough. Those are the people who skip around from instructor to instructor in order to get promotions that their actual instructors didn't see fit to give...
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    Does Size Matter?

    I just read an article by Charles C. Goodin where he discussed the pros and cons of having many students versus a few students. He pointed out that the masters of old usually only had a few students at a time and had very few senior students to carry on the art. Clearly the idea of having...
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    Creating New Martial Arts

    Which Daniel are you talking to?