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  • Just saying hello and thank you for all your forum input lately :) Great posts, keep them coming plz, Jenna :)
    Daniet we are on the same page here, do you think the committee will ever come on and answer the question? Terry
    Hi Mr Sullivan, You have started some good threads lately and created quite a bit of interest in the forum.
    Yeah, I feel pretty much the same as you do about the style of the sparring. And you're right, the WTF style of sparring does improve your kicking ability. It's not the sparring that bothers me so much as the people who only participate in TKD strictly for the competition side, and don't care about the art. But it does provoke alot of thoughful discussion, which is quite fun.
    Sounds like you and I are in similar boats (training for competitions later this year). good luck!

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