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  • It is! Just got to the office and settling in for the night at work with a big cup of coffee. Coffee good ;)
    Good morning...er...afternoon, brave Celtic warrior I'll drop you a PM when I get to work. :)
    didn't mean to drop off the face of the earth...I had the flu and then work went into crisis mode (I work in problem resolution, so that's generally not good)...so been a bit busy...stealing a few minutes to get my MT fix though! GRIN! hope you are still doing well and enjoying life!
    Hello Dennis,

    Not a pagan, though I know a few. Just Irish.:) 'Celtic Tiger' is actually used to refer to the Irish economy, or was when it was very strong a few years back. Not sure how it is now.

    I will PM you regarding the sword.
    Hello,...incidently your name "celtic tiger" struck a bell with me. Are you by some chance a pagan?
    Hey Daniel,
    I am new here, and wanted to say hello. Also I have a bit of a question and was wondering if you could help me out. How exactly is metal graded. Is it the higher the number the higher the strength or the higher the number the lower the strength. I am in the market for a katana but I don't want a sword that is gonna bend in half after a few swings.
    Hello again, and thanks
    good afternoon Daniel...hope life is finding you well? I am fighting remnants of the flu, but carrying on...I've been enjoying your posts recently....anything new and exciting?
    Hey Daniel,

    Weekend was good, thanks for asking. Hope yours was good also. Been in RI for the last week and can't wait to go home.
    I am good, thanks for asking. Like you, work has been busy, the sun is out and it has been beach weather, but I am working. Will try to take advantage of the long weekend. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a good 3 day weekend. Joe
    All is well thank you. I apreciate your posts and admire your ability to articualte your thoughts and feelings in a way that makes perfect sense.

    Be safe my friend
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