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    Aikido has no reason to prove itself!

    Certainly the hapkido that comes from Ji Han Jae (arguably the founder of hapkido but I don't care to have that argument here) does. GM Ji 'invented' many kicks that aren't generally trained in taekwondo.
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    discouraged by the TKD community

    This is an interesting discussion and I thank you and dvcochran for having it without too much acrimony. I would like to add my own perspective as a person that started TKD (ITF-ish but not really) as a youth, moved onto karate and other arts for most of my life, and then came back to TKD...
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    Tips for Sanchin

    I was inspired almost a decade ago by that video of Morio Higaonna from Goju-ryu and Gushi from Pan Gai Noon, and a Crane master all doing their all version of Sanchin at the same time. I traveled to Taiwan and studied a bit of crane gong fu to see the connection between my karate and either an...
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    Tips for Sanchin

    No offense taken, I wasn't there. That said the story I heard isn't that Miyagi himself changed the form. His students did, out of respect maybe, maybe for other more logical reasons. But your point is well-taken. Did Shimabuku Sensei state anywhere that his Sanchin without the turns is as...
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    Sanchin kata art piece

    Who knew that Groot was a Goju-ryu karate-ka? LOL
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    Tips for Sanchin

    My Sanchin has turns in it. The one without turns is newer and stems from Miyagi Sensei sitting down in his later years while watching class or giving instruction. The students ceased turning because they wanted to face Miyagi the whole duration of the kata. At least that is the story I heard.
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    Tips for Sanchin

    As a taekwondoin, have you thought about taking some of the same alignment ideas Sanchin teaches and extrapolating it to your hyung? It won't be exactly the same due to the different in range within TKD vs. Goju-ryu, but you will find plenty of crossover that might give you a different way of...
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    discouraged by the TKD community

    There are several Chang Moo Kwan lineage practitioners here in the USA that continue to practice the older curriculum which included the Chuan Fa forms like Do Ju San, etc. They also do the usual karate lineage hyung like Bassae Dae and Chul Gi. Moreover, I understand that GM Nam Suk Lee had...
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    Getting Back to Tournaments

    Really it depends on the area and the martial art. I know some BJJ schools that have never stopped rolling during this whole time. Not sure about karate tournaments, but we have been sparring at my school since late last year. No one is forced to if they don't want to, and students are...
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    Meandering thoughts

    One of the best thank yous I received was from a former student that also became a teacher... just not of martial arts. She became a professor in one of the natural sciences fields and prefers to focus on instruction of undergraduates. I still keep the note around as a keepsake and I cherish...
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    He was with General Choi for a short time, certainly not decades. I don't really think of him as part of the unification at all. He really wasn't an ITF/General Choi man, nor was he part of the group that ousted Choi and created the Kukkiwon. By the way, you obviously don't know the history...
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    I am in Jhoon Rhee's lineage for tae kwon do. He was a relatively senior Chung Do Kwan practitioner before the tae kwon do unification. I doubt he would have been offended by someone referring to him as tang soo do, despite being known in some circles as the "Father of American Tae Kwon Do".
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    Surprised this one is being argued. Chuck Norris' chain of studios that he opened with Pat Johnson in California taught Tang Soo Do. Johnson played the referee in the Karate Kid movie and taught the cast some moves. He is well-known in the Tang Soo Do world and so even before the recent Cobra...
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    Is ball of the foot roundhouse outdated with modern shoes?

    I don't have a strong opinion about it. I think utility depends a lot on the type of show you are wearing. Flip-flops not so much. Running shoes probably would work. Many years ago I had cause to use a roundhouse kick when wearing wingtip shoes. I instinctively adapted and used the pointed...
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    Why are almost all instructors

    Organizations are common and dare I say it, even desirable at times. Much of it is about supporting a senior master financially so he can make a living solely from martial arts, permitting him to travel and teach across the country or world. I have been a member of the United States Aikido...