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    hi ppl i am new here from melbourne ozz

    Hi and welcome. It is great to see another Aussie I am from Perth Western Australia and we have just the greatest weather over here, 34 deg in the shade. LOL Daenriel
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    Ryuku Islands

    Thanks for your help everone I will keep looking. My Shihan trained with the venerable weapons master. Daenriel
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    Ryuku Islands

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    Come poke the new guy with a stick!

    Welcome to MT. What are you studying at college? Daenriel
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    New member ...

    Welcome look forward to chatting. Daenriel
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    new to group

    Welcome to MT Daenriel
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    Ryuku Islands

    Hi everyone, I am looking for copies of books on weapons techniques coming out of the Ryuku Islands. The author is Motokatsu Inoue. If anyone knows where I can get one it would be really appreciated. Daenriel
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    "Insert interesting way of saying hello here"

    Hi, Nice to see another Aussie here I am from Perth good luck with the training and the knee. Daenriel
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    Hi, I have studied and taught meditation most of my adult life and focus was a problem for me for a long time. I found that as soon as I stopped to meditate or relax my mind would go haywire and all this information would run through my head. I suggest at first develop your focus at home by...
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    Greetings from Canada

    Hi, Welcome to MT. I am new as well and look forward to some interesting discussions. Daenriel
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    Hi, I am currently studying Tensho Shin-I-Kai from Okinawa Japan. It combines Budo, Combat Tai Chi and various other forms. I have previously done some Shotokan Karate but my interest until now has been on historical and philosophical level. Please excuse me if my posts are slow in coming...
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    New to MT from Buffalo, NY

    Hi Micah, My name is Daenriel and I am new to this site as well. Like you I am a long time martial arts fan and have recently begun training. I am from Western Australia a little ways away from you. I am studying Budo from Okinawa look forward to chatting. Daenriel
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    Hello everyone, I have just started in training in Martial Arts although it has been an interest of mine all my life. I am looking forward to having some interesting conversations and learning a lot. Thanks. Daenriel