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    Hello All

    Hello friendI hope u enjoy this site and u can learn a lot about many subjects
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    Greetings All

    Welcome and enjoy U can lern a lot about some subjects
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    welcome , enjoy and learn Good luck Joe
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    Muay Thai = Kickboxing???

    Hi bro Muay Thay is not the same as kick boxing is, just simply in thay u can hit with head, elbow , etc, in kick boxing u do a box with kicks its a little more deep , but u can understand it thus
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    Hello from Bristol UK

    Hi bro, welcome to MT enjoy it
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    What's New at KenpoTalk?

    I think it gonna b a good place 4 us
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    Kenpo in Combat Sports

    Hi While u dont lose the focus, u can do it to get the distance, the time and to control your nerves, championships are good, too, u only have to see the sunny side Joe
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    Miller Kenpo Karate

    Hi bro Thats was very nice,,,thanks
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    Hi There

    Hi and enjoy our site Joe
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    Need help...

    Hi Bro First, dont b afraid Belts are important but not determinant, u have to create a plan of fight with your instructor who is the person that know u, and he knows your weak and strong points, It gonna b a great experience, and maybe b easy Good luck Joe
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    Hello fellow Martial Artists

    Welcome Bro Enjoy with us
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    Try a Virtual Kendo-Match Online!

    Hi Bro Thanks anyway
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    shin kick

    Hi bro when u get the techn. u have to begin , first and the better way is a havy bag, so remember ,,training is getting the objectives step by step Joe
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    Self Defense in and around your vehicle?

    when u practise u have to image all kind of fields, a car , lift, bar, a parking lot, etc, u have to learn to use all the things which the life and man put beside u , when u learn a defense, u have to think and practice in diferent field , thus u can be a winner