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    Kung Fu Shoes - Yes or No?

    If training in class you should probably follow school etiquette and wear whatever the instructor prefers you to have. However , when you find the art you will likely follow , get a good training partner and practice all your available skills in everyday clothing. You can't gaurantee to be...
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    The angle of your blocking arm

    It is probably not imperative how you block an attacking punch , just that you do block. This is assuming you are talking about an attack rather than sparring. You then have a chance to counter this. Again this assumes you are not aware of the oncoming attack as you need to play "catch up" very...
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    How do you engage an opponent?

    Only just seen your post but would like if i may to give you two thoughts. Firstly if this an opponent in an arranged competition they will usually be fighting with the same style so some precognition of their actions will be in your armoury for the fight. Secondly , although some suggestions...
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    Wing Chun - Wooden Dummy or Bob Dummy?

    Don't know if this is too late or if it helps but here is my opinion. As some have stated , if you want to learn Wing Chun get the Mook Jong. This teaches you angulation and footwork. You can also develop your impact levels to softer means of entry and finally learn to work more close quarter...
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    Legitimate or fake?

    I am a latecomer to the party , but would just like to pose a couple of thoughts. The only way to find a good teacher is to search and test all theories offered. If this doesn't work for you move on. This i believe has been implied if not already stated. Secondly , your martial arts path should...