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    Best aspects of your martial art

    The style is well rounded and does not really have any weaknesses. It is technically sound. It is a good workout.
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    Favorite unique attack?

    Nothing like the mikazukigeri :)
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    The Ashida Kim Challenge.

    Just pay Ashida the asshat with INVISIBLE cash, which I am sure he accepts, and you are good to go. :D
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    Most painful blow

    I pretty much block out the pain during sparing so it is usually worse a bit later lol. Top painful hit was probably a kick to the jaw. I was eating soup for a weak after because chewing was impossible. No damage to the teeth tho. Number two would be a heavy guy who dropped himself on me...
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    Who would win in a sparing match?

    Batman wins.
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    This is why I will never claim to be a tough guy

    The horrible b.. b-word might seriously harm someone for life Tez! Unlike knife fighting :rolleyes:
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    Improper touching.

    One day I`ll send Tez a nude selfie and she will have an heart attack heehee ;)
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    Improper touching.

    Says the lady who spends most of her free time surfin` the net for pics of fit young men in various stages of undress :cool: Like this. Milk yum yum.
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    Improper touching.

    A really short porno since nothing happened lol. My regular dojo, but the woman was from out of town and visiting for a camp. Have not seen her at any of the gatherings since so I figure she may have quit JJ.
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    Kata and why we all should practice some form of kata.

    Tends to ruin the underwear tho :D
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    Improper touching.

    A woman had me in a lock and put my fingers in her mouth once. Nautrally I told her to cut it out(!!!) since it is both unhygenic and unacceptable behavior in the dojo. After class she and her friend hit on me for a threesome or something. No problem with that, unfortunately they were not my...
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    Kata and why we all should practice some form of kata.

    Kata are drills. They don`t make you fart chi balls.
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    Simple MA Strategy

    Better strategy: Use your established "favor footvork" to extract yourself.
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    Wado Ryu Questions

    I have done the same arts tho very limited kenjutsu. If you keep an open and focused mind I have found all of them add to your understanding of the others, seeing in 360 degrees if you will :)
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    Wado Ryu Questions

    To the OP, Wado is a technique nazi style. The perfection of stances and execution of technique in dynamic movement. This is not about performance, it is about structure, speed, conservation of energy, delivery, rooting and power. It is raw physics married to body mechanics. I also questioned...